Tasting Bordeaux wine, and a Hospitaliers de Pomerol medal for moi?


Pomerol Appellation Sign

A medal for moi!

After a busy day Tasting Bordeaux wine , it was time to dress for a dinner. I was not told where we were going.  All I knew was, wear a suit and tie and be ready.  Before the trip, a good friend of mine demanded I send a resume to attend a special tasting. For weeks, I thought he was kidding. He continued to insist. Finally, before leaving, I relented and typed one up talking about my interests, business and appreciation for wine. I never heard back. Frankly, I forgot about it.

Until Saturday evening rolled around, I was expecting a hedonistic night at La Tupina. But, at about 5pm, my friend called asking me to meet him in Pomerol and wear a suit and tie. At that point, the jig was up! Once a year, Pomerol hosts a special celebratory Bordeaux wine dinner and also inducts new members into the Hospitaliers of Pomerol. Hospitaliers of Pomerol was formed in 1968 to celebrate the joys and unique pleasure of Pomerol.

So, at 6:30, with the blazing sun and temperatures of close to 100 degrees, in a black suit and yellow tie, I stood in front of a crowd waiting for my turn to be inducted. Andreas Larrson and the statistician Bernard Butschy were also inducted as well as the wine critic Jean Marc Quarin.

So, at that point, all I had to do wait. But in 100 degree heat, wearing a black suit and yellow tie cloaked with a special thick, red robe of Pomerol, waiting in the sun was no easy task. Pools of sweat dripped from brow. This has to have been how the witch felt in the Wizard of Oz before she melted away. This must be how John Gotti felt when he was being indicted, and I was only being inducted!  Not only was it hot, it was humid having rained the night before. Add heat, humidity and pools of sweat and waiting for your name to be called is no easy task. But, I managed and was honored to join Hospitaliers de Pomerol!

After the ceremony, a fun dinner with over 50 different Pomerol’s from a myriad of vintages were brought during the night to each table. From time to time, a troupe of opera singers performed and the night drew to a close with an impressive fireworks display.

I was now a proud member of  the Hospitaliere de Pomerol

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