1964 Bordeaux Wine Buying Guide Tips on Best Value Wines

1964 Bordeaux Wine Buying Guide Tips on Best Value Wines

This Bordeaux wine value buying guide page is a list of the top 1964 Bordeaux wines in the market for the money today. These are the best Bordeaux wines from the vintage combining quality, character and price from every major Bordeaux appellation.

Similar to 1998, 1964 Bordeaux favors the Right Bank. Pomerol was especially strong. The reason for the great success of Pomerol and St. Emilion in the 1964 Bordeaux vintage is, shortly after Pomerol had just finished harvesting their grapes, non stop rain began fall in the Medoc. The rain never stopped from that point forward. Even today, with almost 50 years of bottle age, even some of the smaller Pomerol wines from the 1964 Bordeaux vintage are outstanding. Latour and Montrose made the two best wines in Medoc because they picked before the rains that were such a huge problem for the 1964 Bordeux vintage.

For details on the 1964 Bordeaux vintage, harvest conditions and the wines:  1964 Bordeaux Wine. For tips on other Bordeaux value wines and vintages: Bordeaux Wine Buying Guide Find the Best Bordeaux for the money to buy today (Vintages 1959 to today)


Domaine de Chevalier


Haut Bailly



Pape Clement 90 Pts

Vieux Chateau Certan