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1966 Jaboulet-Isnard  (Châteauneuf-du-Pape) 85

Barnyard notes with spices, jammy raspberries and herbs. Much better on nose than the palate which tasted like metallic raspberries with Kirsch.

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1961 Jaboulet-Isnard  (Châteauneuf-du-Pape) 91

Just amazed at how much sweet, ripe, kirsch was found here. Silky on the palate, medium bodied and earthy, with enough fresh herbs to cook with, and loads of freshness, this was a treat.

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Served blind, not one taster came close to calling this wine over 50 years old. Most were convinced it from the late 1980's! The vibrant, spicy, earthy, kirsch and garrigue nose did not give away the wines age. The still fresh, lively, peppery, spicy, earthy red berries did not let you think the wine was approaching 55 years of age either. What a treat!

1653 Views   Tasted 90

Very light and orange in color. Some fruit, spice and earthy fragrance remained. While light and fragile, it's not bad for a fifty year old Chateauneuf.

1790 Views   Tasted 87

On a respirator, waiting for death. For a few moments, we were able to glean some perfume loaded with spicy herbs, but that faded quickly. This brick colored wine had good texture, but not much fruit. Still, it was fun to experience a 45 year old bottle of Chateauneuf

1632 Views   Tasted 70
1961 Jaboulet-Isnard  (Cornas) 55

Talk about dead... You get a point or two for being wet, and something for a hint earth of the nose....Other than that, this is one of those DNPIM wines we hear about from time to time.

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