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Domaine Jean-Louis Chave

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2015 Domaine Jean-Louis Chave  (Hermitage) 100

Mind-blowing in every sense of the word! This just grabbed my attention from the first, sniff and kept it there after the initial sip. The levels of concentration here are off the hook. The tannins are polished, silky and feel great on the palate. The fruit offers purity, symmetry and sweetness, along with spice, iron, crushed rock, pepper and herbal accents. The finish doesn\\\'t let go for at least 60 seconds. You should wait at least 15 years, or more, but this worth the wait, and the cost, if you find and afford it. 100 Points

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2012 Domaine Jean-Louis Chave  (Hermitage) 95

Far too early to taste this, but I was there and so was the bottle. I had an empty glass, and well, it would have been rude to say no. Right? Good color, full-bodied, concentrated and classic, the wine is bright, crisp, fresh and lifted. There is a crunch to the peppery, blackberry and smoky red pit fruit. The tannins are a bit strict here. Everything is in place, but this is not a generous vintage. It is more restricted in style and will take at least another 10 years to become civilized. 95 Points

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2011 Domaine Jean-Louis Chave  (Hermitage) 95

Forward for Chave, the wine is fresh, spicy, pure, elegant and restrained. There is more depth here than you find most 2011 Northern Rhones, with a finesse-styled, ripe, spicy, red berry finish. 95 Points

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2010 Domaine Jean-Louis Chave Blanc  (Hermitage) 95

Still primary, with a boatload of sweet, fresh lemons, hints of pineapple and candied grapefruit. Thick and intense, yet fresh, balanced and long. 95 Points

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2009 Domaine Jean-Louis Chave Blanc  (Hermitage) 97

Showing much better than when last tasted a few years ago. The wine is intense, powerful, concentrated, vibrant and fresh, with load of sweet, slightly honeyed lemon, grapefruit, flowers and stone notes. Luscious in texture, the wine leaves a long impression of fruit and freshness. 97 Points

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Deep yellow in color, the wine is rich, full bodied with minerality, citrus, melon, floral, honey, spice and a touch of banana, the 2009 JL Chave Hermitage Blanc is plush, balanced and mouth filling. 95 Points

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2008 Domaine Jean-Louis Chave  (Hermitage) 91

The lightest vintage of JL Chave Hermitage I remember tasting. Elegant, perhaps Burgundian is the best term for this wine. There is personality, along with a very, bright, if not crisp red fruit character, which all adds up to early drinkability, but this is a not a vintage for long term aging. 91 Points

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Clearly, this is the lightest vintage of Chave Hermitage I recall tasting. Medium bodied, not much tannin, soft, easy and elegant in style, the fruit is clean, fresh and pure, but there is not enough of it to make this interesting for long term drinking. This is already fine to drink today. 90 Points

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2007 Domaine Jean-Louis Chave  (Hermitage) 95

Of course this is still young. But for Chave Hermitage, it's one of the few vintages that will offer pleasure early, that is early for Chave. With a good depth of color, the polished textures and mineral driven, spicy cherry griotte filled wine looks, smells and feels great in all the right places. Another 5 years will add a lot of texture and complexity to the wine. 95 Points

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2005 Domaine Jean-Louis Chave Blanc  (Hermitage) 95

Rich, fat, honeyed, semi sweet, citrus fruits and floral elements are all over the place. The wine is full bodied, long, fresh and plush. This should age well. 95 Points

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2005 Domaine Jean-Louis Chave  (Hermitage) 97

Power, finesse and a forward style sums things up nicely. From there, the levels of concentrated, dark, red fruits, pepper and earth take over. The tannins feel soft and polished, the finish delivers purity and soft, regal textures. This is a beauty and for Chave, the wine is already fun to drink, making this one of the earlier drinking vintages ever produced from the domaine. 97 Points

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I do not taste young Chave Hermitage often. This bottle reminded me why I usually give the wine at least a decade before popping a bottle. Gobs of pepper, blackberry liqueur, stone, juicy plums and earthy notes catch your attention. Powerful, full bodied, concentrated and tannic, the wine fills your mouth with flavor, freshness and mouth drying tannin. Wines meant to age are interesting to taste young, but most of the time they are not a lot of fun to drink. This needs at least another decade before it becomes civilized. Based on this bottle, it's going to be worth the wait. 96 Points

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2003 Domaine Jean-Louis Chave  (Hermitage) 98

The color of black, purple ink, the fragrance explodes with licorice, coffee, jam, prune, black raspberries, plums, black cherry liqueur, truffle and smoke. With its massive levels of concentration, it's hard to understand how everything is kept in perfect balance and harmony. This amazing wine coats your mouth, palate and tongue with intensity of flavor that seems to last for close to 90 seconds! This wine has not budged an inch since the day it was bottled. It is a thoroughly, unique expression of Hermitage that might not please traditionalists. But tasters seeking something out of the ordinary, yet refined, pure and intense will love it! 98 Points

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Inky, black, purple in color, with a nose filled with jammy blackberry, cassis, oak, plum liqueur, licorice and black cherry. Thick, rich, intense, powerful, juicy and concentrated with multiple layers of fat, sexy fruit. The seamless finish remains on your palate for over 90 seconds! This is not a typical Chave. But who cares? It's an amazing wine! Drink now, or hold for decades. This is a serious wine that deserves to be experienced by wine lovers. 100 Points

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Completely opaque. The perfume explodes from the glass grabbing control of your senses. But, the fruit... "Oh My F-ing God!" This wine is liquefied essence of Hermitage. It's as if you took the soul of the region, concentrated its best essence, liquefied and bottled it. The only wine I tasted young that was this compelling was 03 La Mouline. 03 Chave is so concentrated, it's off the charts! This is so rich, thick and dense, I do not know what to say. It's almost a reduction of Syrah. But, it's also perfectly balanced. Everything is in proportion. There is no heat from these wines. 100 Points

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2003 Domaine Jean-Louis Chave Blanc  (Hermitage) 89

Ripe, aromatic and concentrated, but flabby in texture. Needs more acidity to give it life. 89 Points

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2001 Domaine Jean-Louis Chave  (Hermitage) 94

This beautiful, refined Chave offers ripe black raspberry, griotte, blackberries, earth, mineral, kirsch and animalistic aromas. Medium bodied, refined, soft and approachable, this is close to entering its prime time drinking window. It reminds me of a younger version of the 1991 Chave Hermitage. 94 Points

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This early maturing vintage of Chave offers earth, spicy blackberries, cassis and dark cherries. Light in weight for Chave Hermitage, it's refined as well as bright in character. Already starting to drink well, the wine ends with a melange of peppery, red fruits and spice. 93 Points

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2000 Domaine Jean-Louis Chave  (Hermitage) 92

The fruit has a nice purity, there is ample body and concentration allowing the wine to take up enough room on your palate But the tannins are dry, which takes away from overall experience and the finish. 92 Points

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2000 Domaine Jean-Louis Chave Blanc  (Hermitage) 93

This is produced from a blend of 80% Marsanne and 20% Roussanne. This thick, rich concentrated wine offers grilled nut aromatics with citrus, peaches, flowers, stone and a hint of honey. 93 Points

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2000 Domaine Jean-Louis Chave Ermitage Cuvée Cathelin  (Hermitage) 93

Clearly powerful, dense and strong, the wine was quite bright, if not almost too acidic. The fruit ran from sweet to tart, with a focus on the spicy tart side. I could see the quality and style, to a point, but while good, it was far from great. 93 Points

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1999 Domaine Jean-Louis Chave Blanc  (Hermitage) 87

99 Chave Blanc was tight. With effort, smoke, citrus, petrol and earth were found on the nose of this thick, oily wine. Young and tight, this will hopefully be better with age. 87 Points

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1999 Domaine Jean-Louis Chave  (Hermitage) 97

This is a meaty, dense, concentrated, powerful wine that grabs your senses. Layers of fruit pour over your palate while the perfume explodes from your glass! 99 Chave is not shy. It’s a huge wine, but it sports impeccable balance. The finish lasted over :40. 97 Points

3,107 Views   Tasted

Decanted for several hours offered layers of thick, deep, black fruit with black raspberry and dark cherry flavors. Slightly rustic. Very tannic. 99 Chave will probably flesh out in another 10-15 years. Infanticide to open at this stage 94 Points

2,994 Views   Tasted

Pitch black color with notes of deep, black, ripe fruit, pepper, spearmint and herbs. Huge wine. Very extracted, rich and complex. The mouthfeel takes over every nook and cranny of your tasting senses. Amazing stuff. Very young, will age for decades. 97 Points

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1998 Domaine Jean-Louis Chave Blanc  (Hermitage) 94

Yelllow gold in color, the wine needed a lot of coaxing to find the floral, honeysuckle, tapioca, lemon and honeydew aromatics. This rich textured wine finishes with soft, sweet yellow plum and citrus flavors. This seems like it will drink early for a Chave Blanc. These usually need a lot more time. 94 Points

4,257 Views   Tasted

Extremely viscous, good tears. Honey Suckle, spices and white pepper. Good acid with tropical tones 94 Points

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1998 Domaine Jean-Louis Chave  (Hermitage) 94

Meaty, full-bodied, concentrated and stuffed with rocks, stone, black pepper, iron, wild cherries, grilled meat and red berries, the wine feels youthful. The tannins are still noticeable. Better on the nose than the slightly rustic palate, this is a good Chave in an old-school style. 94 Points

3,210 Views   Tasted

Deep ruby in color, with a perfume filled with pepper, stone, black raspberries, kirsch and licorice. Full bodied, powerful, yet elegant, this packed and stacked, graceful Hermitage wine demands at least another 5 or more years before it really begins to show its true colors. This was about $80 on release. Those were the days. 96 Points

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1997 Domaine Jean-Louis Chave  (Hermitage) 93

Splash decanted, it took no time at all for the earthy, smoky, stony, ripe red berries, pepper, barnyard and touch of orange citrus aromas to pop up. The wine is medium/bodied, fresh, almost bright and elegant with a sweetness to the fruits and soft textures in the finish. This is drinking at peak today. I’m going to finish my remaining few bottles over the next 4-5 years. 93 Points

2,453 Views   Tasted

Soft, silky, fresh, sweet cherries, earth and stone in personality, this was incredibly easy to drink with pleasure. This is a finesse styled Chave Hermitage with a lot of charm and easy drinkability. 93 Points

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Black cherry, blackberry, pepper, earth, iron and spice notes made up the perfume. Kirsch, crushed rock, green olive tapenade and stemmy flavors were found in the finish, Close to fully mature. This is a forward style of Chave. 92 Points

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1996 Domaine Jean-Louis Chave  (Hermitage) 90

Better on the earthy, red dark berry and spicy nose than on the medium bodied, slightly tart, firm palate. Air might improve this wine, but I doubt it. 90 Points

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This elegantly styled Hermitage is open and ready for business. Soft, medium bodied, mature and delivering all of its fresh, spicy red berries and earth, this is not a Chave for long term aging. I liked the wine, but it clearly lacks the weight and density of the better vintages. 91 Points

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1996 Domaine Jean-Louis Chave Blanc  (Hermitage) 91

A deep gold color. Thick texture with a ripe, almost honeyed taste. Good length and palate filling. 91 Points

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1995 Domaine Jean-Louis Chave  (Hermitage) 96

Bright, fresh, a little bit firm, with a solid core of sweet, stony red fruit, the wine is full-bodied, aromatic, long, mouth-filling and for its age, still youthful. 96 Points

3,141 Views   Tasted

I was surprised by how much fun this was to drink as I expected it be more firm, and in need of time. Happily, this was rocking! Concentrated, with freshness, as with most 1995 wines, there is a masculine edge to the wines character, but with air, the wine really starting showing its elegant side. Great textures, intriguing aromatics and loads of perfectly ripe fruit, all in balance and working together, this is a really nice vintage for Chave. 97 Points

3,426 Views   Tasted

Ruby with hints of light brick in the color, the perfume reeks of truffles, earth, forest floor, fresh cracked black pepper, rocks, herbs and griotte. Lush and powerful, with sweet black cherries, kirsch, strawberry jam and spice flavors, the wine feels great on your palate where it delivers an array of spice, cherries and plums. Decanted about 90 minutes, this sublime Chave Hermitage is drinking perfectly today. There is still some tannin to resolve. This will improve over the next several years. 96 Points

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1995 Domaine Jean-Louis Chave Blanc  (Hermitage) 93

Lemon wax, honeysuckle, slate, petrol, vanilla, butterscotch and citrus scents are evident with little effort. Full bodied, concentrated and rich, with round, thick, oily textures, this powerful Hermitage wine ends with long, spicy, fresh lemon sensation. 93 Points

3,386 Views   Tasted

Honeyed fruit and flower made for an enjoyable perfume. Full bodied, balanced but slightly tight finish. Needs several more years before reaching maturity. 92 Points

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Deep color. Flowers, fresh cut grass, honey and tropical fruits on the nose. Very thick and concentrated on the palate. Well balanced. The finish was high pitched 95 Points

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1994 Domaine Jean-Louis Chave  (Hermitage) 93

Strawberry, dark cherry, spice and rocks in the nose. This medium bodied wine improved in the glass over 2 hours finishing in waves of soft, silky ripe cherry tones. 93 Points

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Medium, purple, ruby color. Spicy, cinnamon, cherries, blackberry, pepper and minerals on the nose. Full bodied. Surprisingly accessible for such a young Chave. Very elegant and balanced wine. 93 Points

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1991 Domaine Jean-Louis Chave  (Hermitage) 95

What a nice surprise! I've always liked this wine, but this bottle rocked it! Licorice, blackberry, cherry, iron, earth, citrus peel, pepper, minerality and earthy scents paired perfectly with the powerful, concentrated, full bodied personality of the wine. Refined, elegant and intense, this sublime Hermitage wine ends with a long, fresh, spicy, black cherry filled finish. Still young, this will age and improve for decades. 95 Points

3,654 Views   Tasted

The nose offered minerals, herbs, coffee, spicy fruit, fresh pepper and earthy scents reip black & red fruits. The palate enjoyed lush, deep, opulent fruit filled flavors ending in waves of rich, spicy, ripe black rapsberry. 93 Points

3,099 Views   Tasted
1991 Domaine Jean-Louis Chave Blanc  (Hermitage) 94

With its rich color and honeyed, floral fragrance, this was a stellar example of an aging Hermitage. Still young and fresh, this will continue improving and offering pleasure for a long time. 94 Points

2,442 Views   Tasted

Good weight, viscous and balanced. Earthy, spicy, caramel nose with hints of honeysuckle. Tropical fruits on the palate. Still youthful with a good finish. 93 Points

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1990 Domaine Jean-Louis Chave Vin de Paille  (Hermitage) 98

Now, here's a wine I thought I'd never see, let alone taste. Copper/orange in hue, the orange theme carries through with its focus on orange, apricot, tangerine, flowers and honeysuckle. At 16% alcohol, there was no touch of heat. The wine was sweet, not not overly sugary. Rich, unctuous, fleshy and silky, the wine improved in the glass for more than an hour. My instincts say, another decade of bottle age will make this stunner even better! 98 Points

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1990 Domaine Jean-Louis Chave  (Hermitage) 100

This is thrilling to swirl, sniff and sip from the moment the wine hits your glass. Elegant, concentrated, long, rich and refined, the smoky, earthy, rock-strewn fruits grace your palate and linger for at least 60 seconds! Prices for this gem have really shot up over the past few years. If you are lucky enough to have a bottle or two, or you have the disposable income, this is a heart-stopping tasting experience. 100 Points

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Iron, rocks, stones, flowers, olive tapenade and peppery cherries are all over the place. The wine is rich, balanced, elegant and fresh. Mouth-filling and light on its feet the sweet, ripe red cherries show a stunning level of purity in the finish that clocks in over 50 seconds. This is close to peak, where it should remain for 15-20 or even 25 years! 99 Points

2,956 Views   Tasted

Decanted about 30 minutes or so, the wine is all about its purity of fruit in the ripe cherries. There is a streak of iron, rocks and stones that runs through the middle of it that grabs your attention. Earthy, fresh and vibrant with concentration and length, this is clearly in the zone. It could improve, but its so good today, there is no reason to wait to pop a cork. 98 Points

5,123 Views   Tasted

Spicy, fresh, pure, full bodied, rich, long and pure. The wine is decadent, yet intellectual. Powerful, regal, long and character driven, this is really in a great place for current drinking. 98 Points

3,861 Views   Tasted

This specific bottle was mind boggling. With about an hour of air, the wine kicked off with a fresh, kirsch, tobacco personality. Full, deep and concentrated, with a few hours in the glass, the wine moved to a primal, beef blood, garrigue, cherry griotte and iron character, that really lingered on your palate. With 5 hours of air, the last sip kept it all together. Drink now, or wait a decade. What a wine! 100 Points

5,024 Views   Tasted

A breathtaking nose packed with a cornucopia of spices, leather, earth, kirsch, cherry, black raspberry, truffle, tobacco and minerality led to a perfectly balanced mouth full of sweet, ripe and almost underripe melange of red and dark berries. Long, fresh, clean and with intense purity of fruit, the wine expands in the mouth whle the nose gains in complexity. 1990 JL Chave Hermitage is about as good as Northern Rhone gets and it's starting to drink perfectly. Age it longer if you want, or pop a bottle today. Either way, you're in for a special treat. This bottle was popped and poured after a quick splash decanting. 99 Points

6,413 Views   Tasted

This is serious wine! What more could you want? The striking perfume with its array of red fruits, spice, iron, crushed stone, flowers and earthy scents grabs your attention. On the palate, it's rich, intense, refined, elegant and sensuous. The finish is packed with seamless layers of sweet, ripe, polished red fruit, that builds with each sip. This beautiful expression of Hermitage is close to mature. 99 Points

7,172 Views   Tasted

Crushed stone, earth, kirsch, fresh strawberry, red plum forest floor, spice and blackberry aromas make up the complex perfume. The wine is powerful, refined and balanced with an intensity of flavor ending in ripe cassis and cherry sensations. This is edging closer to maturity and merits being tasted today. 97 Points

6,833 Views   Tasted

Concentration with cherries, black fruit, minerals, iron and spices give this wine a stellar personality. This Hermitage is drinking great today. But, with time, I expect this will continue improving. 98 Points

4,099 Views   Tasted

This deep, ruby colored wine offers a melange of dark black and red fruits with an array of herbs and spices. The fruit had a roasted quality similar to 90 Bordeaux. Concentrated and long, this pakced and stacked wine is elegant in style. Still young and tannic, consumers with patience will be amply rewarded. 96 Points

2,619 Views   Tasted

Explosive perfume filled with ripe black fruit, spice, earth, dark cherry and minerality. Intense, rich, concentrated and full bodied. Still young. Round tannins. Long deep, black plummy finish that really fills your palate. This wine perfectly marries elegance, power and depth. 98 Points

3,246 Views   Tasted
1990 Domaine Jean-Louis Chave Ermitage Cuvée Cathelin  (Hermitage) 100

Mind blowing juice! I've had this wine a few times, and was never really impressed, in part, because of the oak treatment. Obviously, the secret was not waiting 27 years because I could not believe how great this was! Truffle, wet forest floor, black cherries, earth, spice, pepper and herbs only gets the party started! There is an insane opulent texture, tremendous concentration and a finish that does not quit. Voluptuous in nature, yet, pure, sexy and regal, this stunner is off the charts. 100 Points

6,691 Views   Tasted

I never run across bottles of this rarity, so it was with excitement that I raised the glass to my nose for my first swirl, sniff and taste. Coffee, chocolate, licorice, black cherry and blackberry aromas were easy to find. This full bodied, concentrated wine did not seem as rich or complex as the normal Chave, which seems to express more minerality. Still young, I hope I get another chance to try it again as I know this wine is an incredible rarity. 96 Points

7,482 Views   Tasted
1989 Domaine Jean-Louis Chave  (Hermitage) 99

Just a tiny step behind the otherwordly 1990, the wine exudes its smoke, plum, thyme, iodine, crushed rock, spice, herb, earth and red plum with cherry nose easily. Full-bodied, elegant, refined, soft and lusty, the wine is utterly compelling, leaving you with layers of intense, pure, fresh, red berries and spice. 99 Points

1,132 Views   Tasted

This is in a great place today. Elegant, complex, full, refined, earthy, spicy, smoky and palate filling, the wine tastes and feels gorgeous. Every sniff and sip gets better and better for as long as the wine remains in your glass. This is a quintessential Chave Hermitage experience. If you have a bottle of this elixir in your cellar today and you have been waiting for the magic moment, your wait is over. 99 Points

3,128 Views   Tasted

The best of this I have ever tasted showed loads of sweet, fresh, red fruits, herbs, pepper, olives and the essence of rocks and stones. Concentrated, full and with depth, but also refined, long and quite expressive on the nose and palate. This is probably at full maturity. While there is no hurry to drink it, there is no need or reason to age it any longer. 98 Points

2,286 Views   Tasted

Showing better than ever. Purity of fruit, iron, tobacco and sweet red fruits are all over the place. The wine feels silky, soft and polished. There is a great richness and purity of fruit in the fresh, red berry finish. 97 Points

2,976 Views   Tasted

Sometime's you get lucky with older bottles. This was probably the best example of 1989 Chave I have ever tasted. With about 90 minutes of decanting, the perfume exploded with earth, wild cherries, spice, pepper, herbs, pepper and stone. Full bodied rich, intense, fresh, balanced and long, everything was exacatly where it was supposed to be. Clearly, this was in the perfect place. 97 Points

3,320 Views   Tasted

This is not the majestic 1990 Chave. But at half the price, and considering it's almost as good, if you're seeking a Chave with bottle age, this is wine to buy. With its sauvage, blackberry, cherry, earthy, leafy, peppery, fresh herb filled nose, each sip of this concentrated wine gets better and better in the glass. Combining power and grace, this is still young and fresh, but there is no reason not to pull a cork at this stage. 96 Points

3,733 Views   Tasted

With effort and patience, notes of black fruit, iron and earth could be found. Huge, full-bodied. Structured, tannic wine. Better in 10 years. 93 Points

2,112 Views   Tasted

Black fruit, herbs, spices and cassis make a beautiful aromatic profile. This is a huge, concentrated wine. Very powerful. This takes over your palate with thick, rich, dense black fruit and spices. 94 Points

2,140 Views   Tasted

Dark color. Tannic, herbs, spices and jammy fruits on the nose. Full bodied. Concentrated and complex. Needs time 94 Points

2,115 Views   Tasted

Multiple layers of thick, rich, ripe fruit, balance, complex aromatics and a lengthy, seamless finish. Another 5 years will open this wine out and flesh it out. 96 Points

2,160 Views   Tasted

This was packed with jammy, black fruit and spices. Very thick and concentrated. Dense, full-bodied wine. Great palate presence and a long, black, ripe, fruit filled finish. More bottle age will help, but this is beginning to show its charms. 95 Points

2,152 Views   Tasted
1988 Domaine Jean-Louis Chave  (Hermitage) 96

Aromatically complex with layers of sweet, elegant, earthy, red fruits, there is a gorgeous refined quality here, with ample depth of flavor, energy length and complexity today making this a top vintage for Chave. Plus, it is drinking in the sweet spot. Mature Chave has become tremendously expensive over the past few years, while still quite pricey, when compared to the 89 & 90, this is a well-priced vintage for Chave. 96 Points

927 Views   Tasted

A treat indeed. Splash decanted, the wine was perched between, rustic charm and refinement. Sweet, red fruits, iron, earth and stone notes were all over the place. Not as concentrated or lush as the top years, but quite complex, charming and fully mature. 94 Points

3,005 Views   Tasted

Dark colored wine with a smoky, spicy quality to the ripe black fruit aromas. This reminds me of how the 83 tasted a few years ago. 93 Points

2,096 Views   Tasted

This potent perfume greets you with aromatics of baked cherries, fresh leaves, truffles, spice, iron, earth and black pepper. Big, juicy and powerful, this mouth filling wine ends with sweet and sour cherry and strawberry filled finish. While drinking well now, a few more years will soften the wine and add complexity. 94 Points

5,293 Views   Tasted

Deep colored with a perfume reminiscent of spicy, black fruit and cherries blended with minerals. The powerful, palate presence mixed black and red fruits with a great cherry core. Full bodied and close to full maturity, the wine continued improving in the glass over a few hours. 94 Points

2,120 Views   Tasted

Deep ruby color. Red and black fruits, sandalwood, earth and cassis on the nose. Very lush texture and already close to mature. 92 Points

2,038 Views   Tasted
1988 Domaine Jean-Louis Chave Blanc  (Hermitage) 90

Peaches, toast, pears and floral aromas on the nose. Big, full-bodied wine. Nice weighty mouth feel. 90 Points

2,035 Views   Tasted
1985 Domaine Jean-Louis Chave  (Hermitage) 93

The core of iron wrapped, ripe, pure cherry and cassis fruit popped from the glass. Full bodied, rich and close to fully evolved. This is drinking great today and while it will age effortlessly for several years, there is no reason to hold off from enjoying its charms. 93 Points

4,004 Views   Tasted

Pale ruby in color, with baked cherries, incense, smoke, wet earth, garrigue and spearmint aromas. Soft and supple in texture with strawberry, tart cherries, iron, tapenade and red plums in the finish. This is fully mature and not quite as fresh as I remember it. Based on this bottle, I'm going to drink my few remaining bottles over the next couple of years. 91 Points

4,054 Views   Tasted

85 Chave smells like fresh baked cherry pie, tobacco, barnyard, herbs, cassis, earth and spice. This mature Hermitage finishes with a blend of dried, spicy cherries. 93 Points

5,063 Views   Tasted
1983 Domaine Jean-Louis Chave  (Hermitage) 95

Fully mature, with a beautiful, fresh, ripe, stony, spicy, rocky, red berry essence that pairs acidity and sweetness to perfection. Splash decanted and poured, the wine shows more elegance and complexity that power at this stage. The tannins are fully integrated. There is no reason to age this any longer, it is at peak today. 95 Points

2,635 Views   Tasted

Still delivering the goods, the wine is stony, earthy, rustic and packed with kirsch and cherry griotte. There is a nice depth of flavor, complexity and character here. But there is probably no upside to further aging. 93 Points

3,659 Views   Tasted

This was love at first sight. Or was it at the first sniff, swirl or sip? Either way, the beautiful bouquet of earth, cherries, spice and stone was a treat. On the palate, picture, supple, extremely ripe, melted cherries with a beautiful sensation of sweetness, freshness and purity of fruit. At close to 30 years of age, this is drinking in the perfect spot. If you have a bottle, try it. 96 Points

3,699 Views   Tasted

With a beguiling nose of blackberry, earth, fresh herbs, tobacco and strawberry, this balanced, charming and elegant wine ends with spicy black and red fruits. Fully mature, there is no reason to wait. 94 Points

3,896 Views   Tasted

Aromatically, this wine offers ripe red fruits, minerality, spice and dark berries. Bright in profile, this spicy wine seems mature. 92 Points

1,815 Views   Tasted

Pale ruby color. Herbs, black & red fruit, licorice, coffee, cigar ash, wet forest aromas. Good verve. Better on the nose than the palate. Cherries and high toned red fruits in the mouth. I've had better bottles. 92 Points

1,625 Views   Tasted
1982 Domaine Jean-Louis Chave  (Hermitage) 95

Drinking perfectly today, the wine is full bodied, rich, spicy and packed with lusty, earthy, sweet, red fruits that show the right amount of of patina to its age. There is no reason to age this further, but there is no hurry to drink it either. This is really a stellar example of older Chave Hermitage. 95 Points

3,256 Views   Tasted

Grab a handful of ripe, semi ripe, and a few over ripe cherries, add fresh earth and stones, toss in a bit of barnyard scents, silky textures, refreshing acidity and some cherry stems for good measure, blend well, and you have an idea of what 1982 Chave is like. Interestingly, while this is a wine I would not decant, it improved after a few hours in the glass. 93 Points

2,531 Views   Tasted

Bricky, ruby colored throwing a lot of sediment. The nose was filled with jammy strawberries, herbs and notes of brown sugar. The palate had a sexy, rich, mouth feel that slid over your tongue and excited your palate. Full bodied and fully mature, this is a very, hedonistic bottle of wine. Better on the nose than the palate, but who cares? I loved it! This is very sensuous juice. It evolved in the glass for 3 hours 95 Points

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Mountains of ripe fruit, great aromatics, a long finish. Clearly all the elements have come together making this an outstanding Hermitage. A good descriptor is, the 82 combines the best attributes of the 88 and 90 vintages. While the 89/90 are much better wines, I prefer tasting the 82 today 95 Points

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The texture and aromatics, as well as the palate presence was sublime. The seldom tasted 82 is well worth seeking out. It’s a great style of Chave filled with ripe red and black fruit, minerality and spice. 95 Points

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1982 Domaine Jean-Louis Chave Blanc  (Hermitage) 92

This is deep, gold in color. Full of minerals, flowers and sweet, ripe fruit, with great body, concentration and an exotic texture, this wine gives a lot of pleasure. 92 Points

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1978 Domaine Jean-Louis Chave  (Hermitage) 96

With 30 minutes of decanting, floral, cherries, tobacco, menthol and fresh herbs for days crop up in the nose. Pure silk, soft textured, medium bodied, fresh, lively, spicy, sweet, cherries keep on going on the palate and in the finish. Fully mature, this was a particularly strong bottle of this increasingly hard to find wine. 96 Points

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Light ruby in color, with a nose filled with earth, stone, spice, fresh cherries, smoke, black raspberry and peppery scents. Medium bodied, with soft, refined textures, the wine ends with ripe, lush, spicy, red fruits. This wine is more about the nose than the palate. This is fully mature. If I owned any, I'd drink it sooner than later. 94 Points

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