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Château Meyney

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2019 Château Meyney  (St. Estèphe) 91

Dark garnet in color, with a healthy sweetness to the cherry and raspberry fruits on the nose and palate. The wine is medium-bodied, fresh and energetic. 90-92 Pts

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2018 Château Meyney  (St. Estèphe) 94

Clearly a contender for the best vintage of Meyney ever produced, this wine has a fabulous depth of flavor, concentration, silky soft tannins, perfectly ripe dark, spicy, fresh fruits, length and an expansive finish. The wine was made from blending 42% Cabernet Sauvignon, 40% Merlot and 18% Petit Verdot. 93-95 Pts

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2017 Château Meyney  (St. Estèphe) 90

Soft textured, medium bodied, sweet, ripe and polished, there is a gentle, fruity quality that carries through from the attack to the already open finish.

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2016 Château Meyney  (St. Estèphe) 93

Almost opaque in color, you can tell this is going to be Dark black fruits, truffle, smoke, jam and tobacco scents are just great in the nose. The wine is rich, concentrated and has depth of flavor with length. Not a finesse styled wine, instead you enjoy a blast of ripe, dark fruits, crunchy tannins and serious levels of fruit in the finish! This is the best vintage of Meyney ever produced.

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Almost opaque in color, this is a beauty! The wine is rich, concentrated and has depth of flavor with length. The fruit is unadulterated purity and unreal deliciousness; the finishes builds into a sensory experience of taste and feel. This is the best vintage of Meyney ever produced.

8196 Views   Tasted 93
2015 Château Meyney  (St. Estèphe) 90

The wine is medium bodied, soft, polished, forward and delivers its red fruits, tobacco, cedar and spicy cherries with little effort. Give this just a few years and it will show great

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Medium bodied, soft, refined and focused on its freshness, red fruits and tobacco, cedar, cherry and spice filled character. Forward in style, this will drink well with just a few years of age.

3456 Views   Tasted 90

Soft, fresh, red fruits, this wine is medium-bodied and elegant in texture with salty tannins in mix. 88 - 90 Pts

5276 Views   Tasted 89
2014 Château Meyney  (St. Estèphe) 93

This is probably the best vintage of Meyney produced to date. It’s certainly the best wine I’ve tasted from the estate. (And I have tasted wines dating back to 1929!) Vibrant in color with strong aroma of blackberry, plum and spice, this wine is a liquid dream, concentrated and fleshy with length, purity and character. Much of the success is due to the estate’s recently adopted, spare-no-expense attitude and a man named Hubert de Bouard, new consultant to Meyney. This is a wine to watch, especially if it stays reasonably priced. 92–94 Pts

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2013 Château Meyney  (St. Estèphe) 89

Spicy oak with black cherry and spice aromatics on the nose, the wine is medium bodied, with black raspberry and oak on the palate with a bit of a polish sense to its tannins. This is the first vintage made with the aid of Hubert de Bouard as the consultant. 88-90 Pts

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2012 Château Meyney  (St. Estèphe) 89

Earth, forest and cassis notes shift to a medium-bodied, cassis-filled wine that should drink well young. 88-90 Pts

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2011 Château Meyney  (St. Estèphe) 88

From a blend of 55% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon and 15% Petit Verdot. The wine reached 13.7% alcohol. The wine will be aged in 35% new oak. Damage to various degrees took place to almost 80% of the vineyards due to the September hail storm. Coffee, blackberry and earthy aromatics, medium bodied with ripe tannins, cassis and spicy black cherry in the finish. 87-89 Pts

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2010 Château Meyney  (St. Estèphe) 90

Earthy, mineral driven dark berries, cassis and spicy scents open to a tannic, fresh wine that should improve for another decade or two.

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2009 Château Meyney  (St. Estèphe) 92

This just keeps getting better and better. The wine is medium/full-bodied, with a core of earthy, spicy, tobacco stained red berries, round, soft, inviting tannins, freshness and a gorgeous, spicy, red fruit filled finish. Give this just a few more years and it will show even better!

3359 Views   Tasted

Ripe dark fruits, licorice, smoke, earth and spice aromas open to a medium/full bodied, soft, round, forward wine that can be enjoyed in its youth or aged, as there is enough stuffing for this wine to improve for at least a decade or more.

7235 Views   Tasted 91
2008 Château Meyney  (St. Estèphe) 86

2008 Chateau Meyney is deep ruby in color, Black fruit, cassis, gravel and green aromatics lead into this medium bodied wine. Rough textures and drying tannins are a drawback. The wine ends wine with short cassis flavors.

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2007 Château Meyney  (St. Estèphe) 87

Earthy, tobacco cedar and leafy forest notes almost overwhelm the red fruits and spice. Medium-bodied, fully mature, there is no reason to hold this wine any longer.

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2006 Château Meyney  (St. Estèphe) 87

Better on the nose, with its focus on earth, tobacco, cigar wrapper, herbs, cassis and cranberry, than on the medium bodied, earthy, slightly austere palate. You can drink this now, or age it further, hoping for more softness.

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2006 Meyney opens with cassis, tobacco, cedar and earthy scents. This traditionally made wine displays a rustic, tannic personality. The wine finishes with a short dark cherry note

5423 Views   Tasted 87
2005 Château Meyney  (St. Estèphe) 90

2005 Meyney - Truffle, mocha. cassis, spice and forest floor scents are already on display. Full bodied and tannic, almost masculine wine will need some time before coming together. It should age well as it has ample stuffing. The wine ends with a blast of black cherry flavors.

8148 Views   Tasted
2004 Château Meyney  (St. Estèphe) 84

Past its prime, with crisp red berries, cassis and tobacco notes in the nose, this light wine requires consumption.

4530 Views   Tasted

2004 Meyney offers floral, black fruit, truffle, oak and stone aromatics. The wine ends with cranberry and cassis flavors.

3195 Views   Tasted 87
2003 Château Meyney  (St. Estèphe) 91

Earhy, herbs, blackberry, mint and olive scents, soft, supple textures and a round, sweet, blackberry jam finish. This is drinking perfectly today. There is no need to wait to pop a bottle.

4930 Views   Tasted

2003 Meyney starts off with fresh blackberry, cassis, spice and toast aromatics. Full bodied and with some intensity of flavor. this concentrated wine is tannic, but the tannins are ripe. This wine will age and develop well.

5530 Views   Tasted 90
2002 Château Meyney  (St. Estèphe) 85

2002 Meyney starts off with earth, barnyard, truffle and tobacco notes. The wine ends with a short finish of cassis, rhubarb and green flavors.

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2001 Château Meyney  (St. Estèphe) 85

2001 Meyney offers earth, cassis and leather aromas. This simple wine ends with cassis and mushroom flavors.

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2000 Château Meyney  (St. Estèphe) 84

2000 Meyney - Spice, earth, cassis, barnyard, horsey aromatics along with green sensations lead into a medium bodied wine that finishes with light rhubarb and cassis flavors.

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1995 Château Meyney  (St. Estèphe) 83

1995 Meyney - Truffle, earth and blackberries make up the aromatics for this lean, thin, drying wine

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1988 Château Meyney  (St. Estèphe) 84

1988 Meyney is fully mature with is mushroom, tobacco, herb. mocha and cassis nose. The wine ends with drying sensations and red and black flavors.

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1986 Château Meyney  (St. Estèphe) 87

1986 Meyney is light in color and body. Stewed fruit, tobacco and earthy aromatics coupled with a short drying finish are to be expected with this fully mature wine. Drink up. It will not get better.

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1982 Château Meyney  (St. Estèphe) 90

Stewed cherries, cassis, forest floor, cedar, coffee, mint and truffle aromas. The fruit seems to be starting to slowly fade away at close to 30 years of age. Drink this over the next few years before more of the fruit fades away.

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1970 Château Meyney  (St. Estèphe) 83

1970 Meyney begins with a stewed fruit, leather, earth, cassis and tobacco nose. This fully mature wine was probably better several years ago as very little fruit remained in this light, red fruited wine.

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1966 Château Meyney  (St. Estèphe) 85

1966 Meyney - Dried pit fruit and tobacco scents were not made more attractive by the austere nature of the wine. This fully mature wine ended with light cassis and cherry flavors.

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1962 Château Meyney  (St. Estèphe) 84

1962 Meyney - Truffle, earth, barnyard. leather and spice made up the perfume. This medium bodied, fully mature wine concluded with light, spice and cassis flavors.

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1961 Château Meyney  (St. Estèphe) 88

1961 Meyney was the color of brick. Herbs stable aromas, cedar, tobacco and cassis made for a nice perfume, But the wine was past its best days and not much fruit remained. The wine ended with cassis and tart sensations. 88 Pts

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1955 Château Meyney  (St. Estèphe) 91

1955 Meyney offered complex aromas of whiskey, cedar, herbs, truffle, herbs, spice and some dark berry scents. Light in texture, this elegant wine may have seen better days. But it was a pleasure to taste as it ended with spicy, berry and cassis flavors.

2764 Views   Tasted
1952 Château Meyney  (St. Estèphe) 80

1952 Meyney opened with truffles, earth, barnyard, cedar and forest floor aromas. Very little fruit remained. The wine ended with tart, drying flavors. 80.

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1947 Château Meyney  (St. Estèphe) 91

1947 Meyney - When at first you don't succeed, you try again. At least that's what happened at the chateau on that date. The first bottle was filled with VA, so the chateau agreed to share a second bottle. Earth, leather, crushed rock, tar, smoke, truffle, coffee, smoke and textures that are only experienced with the patina of age were a treat for the senses. The wine ended with delicate, fresh, cherries and spice flavors.

2852 Views   Tasted
1934 Château Meyney  (St. Estèphe) 90

1934 Meyney - It's always a pleasure to taste a wine from my dad's birth year. Tea colored with aromas of BBQ, smoke, tea, truffles, flowers and earth. Medium bodied, the wine ends with strawberry, mint and cassis flavors. This was a very nice 1934 Bordeaux wine. While I do not get to taste many 1934 wines, I continue to be surprised at the quality of the vintage. It seems to have been a good vintage with the ability to age for decades.

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1929 Château Meyney  (St. Estèphe) 92

1929 Meyney was a treat and a surprise. The color looked like a wine from the 60's. Truffles, truffles and more truffles permeated the aromatics of this wine. Toss in cedar, spice, leather, earth plus a hint of mint and you get an idea of what this wine smelled like. In the mouth, the wine was opulent, yet a little firm. The finish was filled with black cherries and you guessed it, truffles.

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