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Château Couhins-Lurton

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2018 Château Couhins-Lurton Blanc  (Pessac-Léognan) 90

The just squeezed yellow citrus pops with lift, allowing the sweetness to shine through in this forward, medium-bodied, early-drinking wine.

1102 Views   Tasted
2018 Château Couhins-Lurton  (Pessac-Léognan) 91

More than just the cherry pipe tobacco nose, you'll also find supple polished, ripe red fruits, soft tannins and a spicy, red fruit-filled finish. 90-92 Pts

868 Views   Tasted
2017 Château Couhins-Lurton  (Pessac-Léognan) 88

You'll find an earthy, elegant, fresh, bright, sweet and tart, smoky wine, which is medium bodied with a sharp cherry note in the finish.

1086 Views   Tasted
2017 Château Couhins-Lurton Blanc  (Pessac-Léognan) 90

Fresh and floral, with a sweet, lemon peel character, the wine is a great example of an easy drinking, white Bordeaux blanc with character.

1185 Views   Tasted
2016 Château Couhins-Lurton Blanc  (Pessac-Léognan) 91

Crisp lemon, flowers, green apple and grapefruit come together to create a lively, fresh, crisp splash in your glass.

1296 Views   Tasted
2016 Château Couhins-Lurton  (Pessac-Léognan) 88

Medium bodied, with, smoky, red fruits and spice in a user friendly style.

1274 Views   Tasted
2015 Château Couhins-Lurton Blanc  (Pessac-Léognan) 91

Fresh grapefruit, white peach and lemon notes appear with little trouble. The wine is juicy, sweet, fresh and vibrant.

1669 Views   Tasted

Fresh grapefruit, lemon peel and green apple, combining sweetness, crisp refreshing acidity and a stony, yellow citrus filled finish.

1369 Views   Tasted 91
2015 Château Couhins-Lurton  (Pessac-Léognan) 88

Medium bodied, forward, easy drinking wine, with a red fruit, herb and leafy character. The wine is elegant, classic and fresh.

1277 Views   Tasted
2014 Château Couhins-Lurton Blanc  (Pessac-Léognan) 89

Crisp, fresh, yellow citrus with more pomelo than not, freshness and a stony, lemon and grapefruit finish are what you find here. Very food friendly wine.

1269 Views   Tasted
2014 Château Couhins-Lurton  (Pessac-Léognan) 87

Medium bodied, forward, easy drinking light style of Bordeaux with red berries, smoke and soft, tannins. This is already drinking well.

1396 Views   Tasted
2013 Château Couhins-Lurton Blanc  (Pessac-Léognan) 91

Fresh grapefruit, lemon peel and green apple help to combine sweetness, crisp refreshing acidity and a stony, yellow citrus filled finish.

1234 Views   Tasted

Medium bodied, with a grapefruit and lemon peel character, drink this fresh citrusy wine on the young side. 88-90 Pts

1498 Views   Tasted 89
2012 Château Couhins-Lurton  (Pessac-Léognan) 87

Medium bodied, light in style, with a fresh, bright, red berry character, with spice and softness in the finish.

1481 Views   Tasted
2011 Château Couhins-Lurton Blanc  (Pessac-Léognan) 90

Medium bodied, fresh, bright, crisp, lively, lemon peel, wax, grapefruit, cara cara orange, stone and freshly cut grass aromatics are the first thing you notice. This is a very, bright, fresh and refreshing style of wine with a strong grapefruit component. It's one of the few Pessac Loegnan white wines made from 100% Sauvignon Blanc.

1845 Views   Tasted
2010 Château Couhins-Lurton Blanc  (Pessac-Léognan) 90

Fully mature, taking on more gold tone to its hue, the wine is medium-bodied, with luscious yellow citrus, green apple, a dab of honey, flowers and stone. Drink this over the next few years.

690 Views   Tasted
2009 Château Couhins-Lurton Blanc  (Pessac-Léognan) 90

Fresh citrus, crushed rock and green apple scents are just great on the nose. On the palate, the wine waxy lemon with just a hint of honey hits the spot. Fully mature, this is ready for drinking.

1324 Views   Tasted

Medium bodied, with pomello, tangerine and lime notes in a fresh, easy to drink style.

1801 Views   Tasted 90
2008 Château Couhins-Lurton  (Pessac-Léognan) 89

Fully developed, you find tobacco, espresso and red fruits on the nose. Medium bodied, fresh and bright, there is a leafy, minty edge to red cherries and plums in the finish.

910 Views   Tasted
2008 Château Couhins-Lurton Blanc  (Pessac-Léognan) 89

Really nice nose, with loads of waxy, yellow citrus and green apple. The wine has retained its freshness, leaving you with a waxed lemon impression in the finish.

967 Views   Tasted
2007 Château Couhins-Lurton Blanc  (Pessac-Léognan) 84

Light in fruit and body, the bright, citrus powered wine is starting to fade and requires consumption sooner than later.

1907 Views   Tasted
2005 Château Couhins-Lurton  (Pessac-Léognan) 89

Ready to go, medium bodied, elegant, finesse styled, Pessac Leognan, with a tobacco, cherry and earthy character, soft textures and a good feeling of freshness in the earthy, light, spicy, red berry finish. This is in a nice style, and if it had a bit more density, it would be even better.

1917 Views   Tasted
1998 Château Couhins-Lurton Blanc  (Pessac-Léognan) 85

Clearly starting to fade, as the fruits seem diminished and the acidities are more prominent. Still, if one looks, the remaining vanilla, apricot, orange marmalade and honeysuckle that is still there, is quite nice. This requires drinking sooner than later

2154 Views   Tasted