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2012 Leoville Poyferre latest year since 79, Didier Cuvelier Interview

There are hot streaks. And there are hot streaks.  Chateau Leoville Poyferre has been on a hot streak that started shortly after Didier Cuvelier took charge of the St. Julien chateau.  Think about it, more often than not, since 1982, Leoville Poyferre has made one of the top wines in not just the appellation, but in all [...]

2012 Bordeaux Harvest Information Vintage Summary

For a complete look at the best wines of the 2012 Bordeaux vintage from every appellation in both banks: 2012 Bordeaux Tasting Notes Buying Guide for the Top 365 Best Wines If you want to read detailed interviews from the top Bordeaux wine makers from every major appellation that offer detail and personal insight on t [...]

2012 Chateau La Clotte St. Emilion Vintage Harvest Report

Jeff Leve What steps are you taking this year during vinification and the elevage of the 2012 Chateau La Clotte? Nelly Moulierac “Keep on doing with more and more meticulousness in the vinification process Now, each plot or micro plot has his own vat, and each parcel is worked according to its needs at Chateau La Cl [...]

2012 Smith Haut Lafitte a True Bordeaux Pessac Leognan Wine

Jeff Leve  What are your early thoughts on the 2012 Smith Haut Lafitte wines? Fabien Teitgen “I’m optimistic.  The first lots of the Merlot were a real surprise! The wine has good texture, ripe fruit and freshness. 2012 Smith Haut Lafitte is a true Bordeaux wine.” Jeff Leve With that in mind, does 2012 Smith [...]

2012 Troplong Mondot Similar Conditions to 2008 in St. Emilion

  Jeff Leve Does 2012 Troplong Mondot, due to the lateness of the harvest remind you  of other vintages at Troplong Mondot? Xavier Pariente “The weather conditions were similar to 2008. In both vintages we experienced a humid, cold spring coupled with a hot, dry summer at the beginning of autumn. But not onl [...]

2012 Beychevelle New Vintage, New Winemaker in St. Julien

  Jeff Leve Even though 2012 Beychevelle is your first vintage at the estate, using a sense of historical weather patterns, does this year remind you of previous vintages? Romain Ducolomb ”By definition,  every vintage, especially in Bordeaux, is always different year to year. But in terms of weather conditi [...]

2012 Feytit Clinet Pomerol a Great Vintage for Merlot!

Jeff Leve Since you took over managing Chateau Feytit, things have been steadily improving for you. Can you compare 2012 Feytit Clinet with any previous vintage? Jeremy Chasseuil “At this stage of development, it seems like 2008. This is because of the lateness of the vintage. We also find similar a similar density a [...]