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Château Rausan-Ségla

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1990 Château Rausan-Ségla  (Margaux) 93

With a complex perfume of olives, cigar wrapper, dark chocolate, cherry and forest leaf, with accents of menthol and hints of florality, the wine is full-bodied, soft, fresh and focused on sweet, ripe, black cherries. There is a hint of bitter buried deep in the finish, but the remainder of the tasting experience is so full, you do not really notice it unless you spend a lot of time looking. The wine is fully mature. 30 minutes in the decanter was more than ample. There is no reason to age this any longer. If you have a bottle, pull the cork. 93 Points

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The best bottle of this beauty I have ever tasted! 45 minutes in the decanter was all this baby needed. On the nose, sweet cherry blossoms, cigar box, cedar, spice, blackberry and truffle took no time getting to know. On the palate, the wine was even better. Supple, sensuous and silky in texture, the wine is full bodied, rich and deep. Just as soon as you think the finished was over, a blast of ripe, fresh cherries made an appearance. If I had to quibble a bit, there is a touch of green in the finish, but there is so much, sweet, ripe, luscious fruit, you'd have to be a real killjoy to let it bother you. For a wine of this quality, style and maturity, it's certainly worth adding some to your cellar, of you can. 95 Points

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The nose, with its violet, cherry, cigar box, dark chocolate, cranberry, pepper and fresh herb perfume is as expected, the first thing you notice. Medium/full bodied, the wine improves in the decanter and in glass. Fresh, vibrant and fruit filled, there is a definite touch of green coupled with the some tart red fruits in the classic styled finish that seems to stand out more than I remember in the past. 91 Points

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Drinking in the sweet spot at 25 years of age, the perfume, with its floral, earth, tobacco and dark cherries is a pleasure which is made better by the soft, round, textures and sweet red and black fruits found in the finish. This could be better in a few years, or not. With all the tannin resolved and the patina of age on display in the texture, there is no reason to hold off pulling a cork. 93 Points

5,575 Views   Tasted

It took 24 years, but this is really starting to rock! Chocolate covered cherries, licorice, coffee bean, blackberry liqueur, black cherry, earth. smoke, cigar box, fresh herbs and spice notes make up the aromatics. On the palate, the wine is concentrated, rich, full bodied and still young, with some tannin waiting to be resolved. If there was not a sensation of dryness with the tannins, this beautiful Margaux would score even higher. Another few years will add more nuances this wine. 94 Points

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Enticing secondary notes of cedar chest, smoke, forest floor, blackberry, cigar wrapper and cassis come up with 90 minutes of decanting and a little swirling. On the palate, the wine is coming around, the tannins are starting to soften giving the wine voluptuous textures with its fresh boysenberry, black raspberry and cassis finish. This a lot of fun to drink today. But it's still not at peak. I would not hesitate to pop bottle, but if someone waited another 5 to 10 years, who could blame them as it is only going to get better. If this wine was just a little longer in the finish, it would merit a higher score. Still, this is really fine and not far from the 1986. 94 Points

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Tobacco, cassis, earth, smoke, spice, truffle and blackberry scents are revealed in the perfume. Powerful, concentrated and still tannic, this traditionally styled Margaux wine is masculine in nature and will benefit from more age. After 90 minutes in the glass, this concentrated wine developed additional complexities and softened a bit in the fresh, spicy, bright, cassis filled finish, but it might always remain slightly brawny in character. I'm giving my next bottle more air and time. 93 Points

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Spice, flowers, licorice, cassis, tobacco and a faint hint of truffle make up the perfume. In the mouth, the wine is full bodied, chewy and almost round in texture. The wine ends in cassis and black cherry flavors with a hint of spicy kirsch in the 35/40 second finish. At 20 years of age, most of the tannin's have faded away. The wine fleshed out after an hour in the decanter. 94 Points

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Cassis, earth, coffee, licorice and leather are easy to find. Full bodied and balanced. Great palate presence. Still young. 93 Points

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Perfumed with notes of cassis, blackberries, tobacco, allspice and earthy aromas. On the palate, a nice opulent feel of Cabernet fruit. Concentrated and full bodied. Better in the entry, a little short on the middle and finish. Still a bit tight and tannic. 92 Points

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Notes of spice, flowers, blueberries & blackberries. The palate displays an elegant texture. This is still very young with tannins to resolve. The finish is slightly chalky. 90 Points

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1989 Château Rausan-Ségla  (Margaux) 90

This displays tobacco, herbs, earth, and cassis in the nose. The wine, which still has some tannin to resolve, has good body and lot fruit, but it needs time to come around and soften up. This is a more traditional style of Margaux. 90 Points

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1988 Château Rausan-Ségla  (Margaux) 88

Medium bodied, firm, slightly drying, stern tannins and a touch or tapenade, coupled with herbs and crisp red fruits on the palate, make the nose, with its tobacco, cedar wood, cigar box and cherry character the better part of the experience. There is no reason to age this further. 88 Points

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1986 Château Rausan-Ségla  (Margaux) 95

With 3 hours of air, the tannins softened and scents of cassis, flowers, tobacco and truffle bloomed. Classic, in the good sense, with depth, complexity, length and character, there is a lot to like about the wine. Interestingly, it combines power, masculine character and softness as part of its charms. Drink now, with a few hours of decanting, or wait another 5 to 10 years to see what happens. 95 Points

3,757 Views   Tasted

Floral, blackberry, coffee bean, cuban cigar, cassis, earth and fresh picked violets grab your attention. Gobs of ripe, juicy, Caberent Sauvignon fill your mouth with flavor. Tannic, powerful, full bodied and still young, with a hint of rusticity, this beautiful wine will only get better over the next several decades. 96 Points

7,284 Views   Tasted

Very classy, stylish wine. Full bodied and concentrated with ripe black fruit, spice, tobacco and floral elements, it fills your mouth with freshness and ripe Cabernet. This will evolve for decades. 95 Points

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1983 Château Rausan-Ségla  (Margaux) 91

With a beautiful perfume filled with floral, tobacco, crème de cassis, blackberry, plum, spice and earth, this full bodied, youthful, powerful wine is a structured, firm, yet refined example of Margaux. 91 Points

6,367 Views   Tasted

The wine took time to open, but when it did, a beautiful, earthy, tobacco and floral scented wine smiled and said hello. Structured, tannic and slightly austere with ample concentration and depth of flavors to continue aging and evolving. This tasted much younger than a 27 year old wine. 92 Points

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This remains stubbornly youthful and tannic with a slight, austere bent to it reminding me of many 86 Bordeaux. With time, black fruit, cassis, flowers and tobacco found their way from the glass. Air, or another decade will add more flesh to the wine. 90 Points

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Herbs, coffee, blackberry and licorice on the nose, full bodied with some tannin remaining. This old style wine is on the austere side of Margaux with a stern personality. 91 Points

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1961 Château Rausan-Ségla  (Margaux) 82

Rusty, ruby coiored, with earth, spice, tobacco, truffle and cassis in the nose, this rustic, hard, lean wine offers a modicum of pleasure for tasters who enjoy, older, traditionally made wine. 82 Points

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1955 Château Rausan-Ségla  (Margaux) 94

This was tasted from a pristine bottle that was never moved from the chateau. The color looked 20 years younger. Truffle, tobacco, minerals, fresh cut trees, dark berries and ash started off the aromatic perfume. Soft textures with the syrupy patina of age, this elegant wine ended with silky, baked, dark cherry flavors. 94 Points

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