1989 Château La Conseillante Pomerol Wine Tasting Note

1989 Château La Conseillante  (Pomerol) 95

I am thinking this previously, decadent, sexy beast is on the other side of its prime time window. The color is lighter, the fruit has lost weight, the length and opulence is not as pronounced as it was in its prime. This is still a very good wine. It is sexy, silky and loaded with truffled plums and cocoa, but it is not the majestic experience it once was. Sort of like what happens to older wine lovers, we are good, just not quite at our peak any longer. If you are sitting on bottles, you need to start popping them over the next few years.

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Perhaps this is starting to fade just a bit from its peak. But who cares? This is still so damn sexy, silky, fresh, pure and polished, the plum, truffle, floral and cocoa character hits the spot!

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Fully mature, at most, a splash decant is all that's needed to bring out the silky textures and floral, sweet, cherry and truffle essences. This is all about the finesse, purity of the fruits and the incredible silky textures on the palate and in the finish.

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Fully mature, this sexy little devil grabs with you its silky, sensuous textures, truffle dominated nose and ripe, sweet, plum and cherry notes. It is impossible not to want a second glass of this beauty.

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Fully developed, the truffle, floral, earthy character stands out here. Silky, plush and with more than enough, sweet, ripe, lush, fresh, cherry and plum on the nose and palate, this is at peak.

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Still right there with its floral, earthy, truffle and red fruit nose, silky, sensuous textures and long, refined, sexy finish. 20/30 minutes of air was more than ample. Sadly, my stock of this beauty is really dwindling. I remember the good old days with 3 cases of this in my cellar, bought at the then $40 per bottle price.

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This elegant beauty is fully mature. The nose of delicate truffle, smoke. licorice, spice, herbs, cocoa and cherry liqueur moves you in the right direction. Medium bodied, elegant, fresh and refined, it's hard to decide if the silky textures or the sweet, ripe boysenberries, earth and cherries is the better part of the experience. The bottle was drained long before I could make up my mind. A splash decanting was all this needed before it was poured and tasted.

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Sensuous, charming, medium/full bodied, elegant, fresh and mature, with silky tannins and a polished, refined, silky, ripe, fruit filled finish. This is really in the sweet spot today and does not require additional aging.

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Pure sensuality, with its velvet and silky textures, ripe, pure fruits and long exotic, lush finish. Drinking in the perfect place, this was the best bottle I've tasted in years.

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With freshness, lift, silky textures and layers of ripe, sweet, black raspberries, plum, truffle, dark chocolate and floral notes, this is at peak drinking today. If you have a bottle what are you waiting for?

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My first Bordeaux of the new year! Over the past few years, the wine has exchanged its fruits for an earthier, tobacco, truffle, black plum and fennel character. Elegant, soft, refined, medium bodied and silky, there is a good sensation of freshness in the spicy, black raspberry filled finish. Light ruby in color, the wine is fully mature. While it does not require drinking in the near future, there is no reason to hold this any longer. This was only splash decanted. I do not think extended air is in the best interests in this delicate wine.

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1989 Chateau La Conseillante was the first Bordeaux wine I purchased by the case. I remember those early days in the mid 1990’s, when the wine was stacked from the floor to ceiling and was priced at a whopping $40 per bottle! While this is close to fully mature, the wine still delivers lush, opulent, sensuous textures, licorice, plum, chocolate and plum fragrances and a finish that offers a beautiful sense of purity, freshness and velvet. There is no hurry to drink it, but I doubt it’s going to improve.

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Floral, bitter chocolate, licorice and black raspberry aromas made up the perfume. Pure silk and velvet in texture, 1989 La Conseillante remains the quintessential example of a perfectly refined, elegant, mature, sensuous Pomerol.

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This Pomerol has never closed down. It's been great since the day it was bottled. Flowers, licorice, blackberry, cherry and truffle aromas lead to a pure, silk and velvet wine. Elegant and sensuous, the wine ends with polished, sweet, plush, fresh, ripe dark berries and chocolate.

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With scents that remind me of a flower shop that caught on fire and was engulfed in smoke, add truffles, black raspberry, chocolate, caramel, licorice and wet earth aromatics to make up the perfume. What the wine lacks in power, it makes up for it with opulent, silky, refined textures that finish with chocolate coated, black raspberry and dark cherry. This bottle offered a better tasting experience than the previous bottle from the same case. That being said, this is fully mature and is probably best enjoyed over the next 3-10 years.

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Sting might have sang about a message in a bottle, but this wine was all about sex in a bottle. Filled with elegant, liquid silk and polished velvet textures, coupled with beguiling aromas of violets, chocolate, truffle, black cherry, tobacco, molasses and brown sugar, this decadent charmer hits all the right notes. The wine finishes with chocolate covered blackberries and spicy plums. The only thing sexier than this wine was the special woman sharing it with me. This is close to full maturity. There is no reason to hold it any longer. While it might gain in aromatics, the sensuous textures could subside.

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89 La Conseillante at its best can simply be described as bottled hedonism. Fortunately for us, this bottle was at its best! Truffles, spice, fresh flowers, dark berries, coca powder, Asian spices, black cherry and a hint of bitter chocolate made up the perfume. In the mouth, the fireworks took off! Cashmere textures coupled with a cornucopia of silk drenched plums, berries and spices led into a long, sexy, velvet laced finish. I remember purchasing a few cases of this stunning wine for about $40 a bottle. Ahhhh, those were the days.

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Spicy roasted blackberries, truffle, forest floor, plum, coco and black raspberry scents open the perfume. Lush, elegant, sexy and rich, this sublime Pomerol offers hedonistic thrills. This is drinking at the perfect place.

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The perfume explodes with complex notes of blackberry, black cherry, plum liqueur, truffles, and Oriental spices with chocolate. The fireworks start in the aromatics, but on the palate is where this sexy beast really struts its stuff. Truly a wine for hedonists. Pure silk, velvet, and satin. Incredibly lush and opulent. The wine doesn't have a single hard edge. The beautiful finish fills your palate with ripe raspberries, plums, and blackberries that you wish would last forever. The amazing thing about the wine is that it showed great the day it was bottled.

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I remember multiple cases of this wine when I first starting collecting Bordeaux in the mid 90's for about $40 a bottle. I bought a lot and every time I taste it, wish I had purchased more. The perfume explodes with complex notes of blackberry, black cherry, plum liqueur, truffles and Oriental spices with chocolate. The fireworks starts in the aromatics, but on the palate is where this sexy beast really struts its stuff! Truly, a wine for hedonists. Pure silk, velvet and satin. Incredibly lush and opulent. The wine doesn't have a single hard edge. The beautiful finish fills your palate with ripe raspberry, plum and blackberries that you wish would last forever. As good as it is, this decadent will only continue improving over the next decade or two. The amazing thing about this wine is, its showed great the day it was bottled.

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If you like a sophisticated wine that offers a "sex in a bottle experience," run, do not walk and buy this wine! Purchased on release and perfectly stored, the perfume explodes from the glass. Aromatic plums, and extremely ripe cherries, flowers and spice fill your senses. But, the orgasm in the glass starts when the wine crosses your palate. Thick, rich, opulent, hedonistic and pure velvet. This is incredibly silky and seductive. If I could last as long as this seamless finish, I'd get a new career! While mature, this might improve. But, who cares? It's so good now, it was impossible to put the glass down.

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This sexy, sultry Bordeaux explains why the top Pomerol’s are in such high demand. Drinking this opulent wine is akin to pouring liquid silk down your throat. The exotic plummy, chocolaty, earthy perfume adds to the experience.

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Plush, velvety and filled with ripe, dark fruit, but slightly higher pitched than fully crrect bottles. Good, rich palate presence, but not at the level of the best bottles

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Supple, sexy, silky and sensuous. Does any other wine have those characteristics in this quantity? The wealth of ripe, velvety fruit is so elegant, I picture the family hand polishing each grape before gently placing them in the vats. For lovers of elegant wines, you cannot own enough of this in your cellar

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The dried cherries, plums, figs, roasted nut and toasted oak aromatics are the type of perfume that should be bottled! Perfect seamless finish of elegant, opulent, decadent, black fruit topped it off. Wow! What a wine! The finish lasts at least 45 seconds.

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The perfume is intoxicating with its exotic array of flowers, plums, chocolate and spice. The mouth feel is like pouring liquid silk down your throat. This incredibly round, opulent and sexy wine ends in an ocean of black fruit and elegant, velvety plums. The wine deserves the decadent trophy.

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Conseillante Stone1 Wine Tasting Notes, Ratings

When to Drink Chateau La Conseillante, Anticipated Maturity, Decanting Time

Chateau La Conseillante is much better with at least 8-12 years of aging in good vintages. Young vintages can be decanted for 2-3 hours, or more. This allows the wine to soften and open its perfume.

Older vintages might need very little decanting, just enough to remove the sediment. Chateau La Conseillante offers its best drinking and should reach peak maturity between 10-35 years of age after the vintage.

Serving Chateau La Conseillante with Wine, Food, Pairing Tips

Chateau La Conseillante is best served at 15.5 degrees Celsius, 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The cool, almost cellar temperature gives the wine more freshness and lift. Chateau La Conseillante is best paired with all types of classic meat dishes, veal, pork, beef, lamb, duck, game, roast chicken, roasted, braised and grilled dishes.

Chateau La Conseillante is also good with Asian dishes, hearty fish courses like tuna, salmon, mushrooms and pasta.