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Taylor (Fladgate)

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1992 Taylor (Fladgate) Vintage  (Porto) 97

I do not drink much Port. Frankly, unless a Port is 40-50 years of age, in most cases, it's too young for me to enjoy. On the one hand, this was no exception. On the other hand, I get the quality. For tasters willing to wait 25 more years, they will reap the reward of an incredible wine. This is still inky, black in color. The wine is dense, giving you the choice of eating it, or drinking it. It was amazingly sweet, yet not cloying. There was a beautiful purity of black, dark red and blue fruits with raisins and chocolate that would be hard not to miss. The wine paints your teeth, gums and palate black purple. But it remains almost unformed at this youthful stage. Your mileage might vary... 97 Points

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1963 Taylor (Fladgate) Vintage  (Porto) 97

I do not drink much Port. But wines like this, make me think I am missing out. Spicy, cherries, strawberry, orange peel and bitter chocolate with a hint of cigar wrapper get the perfume going. Good concentration of raw material, with sweetness, a touch of heat, luscious textures and a long finish, that carries the perfume on the nose all the way through. I imagine this is at peak, and there is no hurry to finish your bottles, as this should only get better from here. 97 Points

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1955 Taylor (Fladgate) Vintage  (Porto) 98

At the end of the night, this was pulled on request, to pair with Cuban Cigars aged for 20 years. What a perfect combination. The wine sung with its pure black cherry liqueur, spice and chocolate character. Thick, rich, supple, long and warm, this was a treat. I'd drink Port more often if it did not require 60 years in a top vintage. 98 Points

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The perfume was enthralling. The palate presence was otherworldly. This was not as sweet as it was rich. In fact, decadent is a good description. Once again, the pairing of mature Port with aged Cuban cigars proved to be the perfect end to a sublime day. 98 Points

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Thick, rich, sweet, generous layers of black fruit, raisins, chocolate, earth, truffle and kirsch fill your glass and mouth. Great purity in the finish. 96 Points

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1935 Taylor (Fladgate) Vintage  (Porto) 95

Perfectly mature, the wine was loaded with medicinal cherries, raisins, cocoa covered kirsch, cloves and allspice. Sweet, round, warm and with acidity, all this needed was a nice cigar. 95 Points

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The oldest bottle of Port I've tasted yet. This is a finesse style of Port with the color of rose hip[ tea. On the nose, chocolate covered strawberry jam, cherry griotte, cinnamon and all spice made the interesting perfume. Soft, silky, medium bodied and refined on the palate, the wine left you with soft, sweet, light chocolate and cherry sensations. 95 Points

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1900 Taylor (Fladgate) Vintage  (Porto) 80

On the one hand, I realize tasting wine from 1900 is a rare treat. On the other hand, this was no treat to taste, as the wine had clearly slipped into senility. Highly acidic, the wine offered the aromas of dark chocolate covered oranges and cocoa and a tea color that reminded more of a Madeira than a Vintage Port. While this was very cool to think about, it was less than cool to taste. 80 Points

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