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Michel & Stéphane Ogier

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2013 Michel & Stéphane Ogier Cuvée la Belle Hélène  (Côte-Rôtie) 94

The nose gets you with its spicy, earthy rock, stone and smoke filled character that rests on top of the ripe, red pit fruits, underbrush, green olives and pepper. On the palate, the wine offers elegance, freshness and juicy, sweet, back cherries in the finish. The oak is already disappearing into the wine. For La Belle Helene, this is one of the few vintages that will allow you to drink it with pleasure on the early side. 94 Points

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2012 Michel & Stéphane Ogier Cuvée Lancement  (Côte-Rôtie) 95

Tightly wound, holding much of its essence in reserve, with effort, the spicy, fresh, lifted, smoky red fruits pop forward. The wine has concentration, focus and energy and a crisp, smoky, red berry finish. Time is definitely needed for the wine to soften and develop. 95 Points

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2012 Michel & Stéphane Ogier Cuvée la Belle Hélène  (Côte-Rôtie) 95

Powerful, full-bodied, tannic, youthful, fresh and lively, the vibrant smoky, ripe spicy red fruits, crushed rock, smoke, cherry, plum and black raspberry are all over the place on the nose and palate. But this is still early days here. Give it at least another 5 years before pulling a cork on this beauty. 95 Points

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2010 Michel & Stéphane Ogier Cuvée la Belle Hélène  (Côte-Rôtie) 99

Power and precision, purity and poise, tannic, backward, concentrated and mouth-filling, this is not a wine for current consumption. But clearly, this is going to be worth the wait. Give it at least another decade so you can get to all the layers of perfectly ripe, vibrant kirsch, black raspberry, smoke, thyme, herbs and crushed rocks to emerge. This is in perfect balance between its structure and the layers of fruit. Quite refined, but tight, this is a beauty and a potential legendary Cote Rotie. 99 Points

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2010 Michel & Stéphane Ogier  (Côte-Rôtie) 95

In the middle of its move from primary to mature, this youthful wine is a beauty. Concentrated, energetic and loaded with ripe, juicy, sweet, fresh dark, red fruits, earth, spice box, smoke and thyme, the wine feels even better than it smells. The finish has this great, juicy, vibrant, pure quality that brings you back to the glass for another sip! The wine is produced using 100% Syrah from vines planted in the Cote Brune. 95 Points

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2009 Michel & Stéphane Ogier Cuvée Lancement  (Côte-Rôtie) 97

Far too young, but the character of these 2009 wines makes it hard to stop from pulling cork, even knowing how much better this is going to get with more age. Showing a good depth of color, the dark red berries, smoke, earth, leaf and green olive, along with plum and thyme aromatics just grab you. But it's the silky, lush, fat, juicy, fresh, dark red fruits that spend time on your palate that keep you there. The liqueur finish, with its bright character is just great. Although, another 5 years in the cellar will make this even better. 97 Points

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2007 Michel & Stéphane Ogier Cuvée la Belle Hélène  (Côte-Rôtie) 95

Some nights, Cote Rotie calls my name, and when it does, I answer the call. With a beautiful nose filled with flowers, charcoal, earth, spicy red cherries, kirsch, smoke, strawberry liqueur and minerals, you're focused on what comes next. On the palate, powerful waves of fresh, ripe cherries and brown sugar are just what the doctor ordered. The wine finishes with uplifting, refreshing notes of juicy, ripe red berries, plums and sensuous textures. This is hard to find, as not much is made, but if you're a fan of Cote Rotie, it's worth the effort. Popped and poured, the wine got better and better in the glass. 95 Points

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2007 Michel & Stéphane Ogier  (Côte-Rôtie) 93

Silky, soft and smooth, this sensous, polished wine delivers the essence of pure, ripe cherries, kirsch and black cherry, complicated with wet earth and spice. The supple finish remains on your palate serving up a platter of ripe, dark red fruits. At close to its 7th birthday, this is starting to drink nicely. 93 Points

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2005 Michel & Stéphane Ogier  (Côte-Rôtie) 91

This is just starting to bare its medium bodied, cherry, strawberry, bacon fat, earth, pepper and black raspberry charms. Medium bodied with the ability to age, this round, Cote Rotie ends with a fresh, spicy, black cherry finish. This could improve over the next few years. 91 Points

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2003 Michel & Stéphane Ogier Les Embruns  (Côte-Rôtie) 90

Fully mature, with an earthy, black cherry, licorice and smokey nose. Lush, round, soft and at peak, the wine ends with a blast of earthy, kirsch and spicy notes. 90 Points

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2001 Michel & Stéphane Ogier Cuvée Lancement  (Côte-Rôtie) 95

This sublime wine gets better and better each time time I taste it! With a pungent nose of fresh, ripe, berries, bacon fat, fennel, earth, smoke, flowers and herbs, the wine is full bodied, fresh, concentrated, complex and feels like exotic silk on your palate. This is drinking great today as we just popped and poured the bottle. 95 Points

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This beauty keeps adding complexity, texture and nuance to its silky, supple exotic textures and earthy, floral, boysenberry, spice, herb and bacon personality. If you are luck enough to have a bottle of this in your cellar, grab it and pop a cork. 94 Points

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Ogier Lancement Cote Rotie is almost impossible to find, with its whopping production on 100 cases. With a nose filled with bacon fat, olives, smoke, fresh blackberry jam and strawberry, it’s sweet, rich, ripe, opulent, spicy and sexy. From 100% Syrah from the Cote Blonde, this is drinking great today. 94 Points

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01 Ogier Lancement is a very sexy, powerful Cote Rotie. This scarce gem is a must for any Northern Rhone fan. Still young and primary, with a boatload of dark Kirsch, bacon fat, pepper and herbs, this will develop very nicely. 94 Points

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2001 Michel & Stéphane Ogier Cuvée la Belle Hélène  (Côte-Rôtie) 96

Still young and holding back much of what it will eventually offer in reserve, the wine is fresh, vibrant, juicy, spicy and fragrant. There is lift, concentration and loads of ripe, spicy, sweet fruits. Another few years will add more to the wine, but it's easy to see, this is a beauty. 96 Points

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An outstanding showing for this beauty. Decanted about one hour, the floral, dark red fruit, spice, earth, bacon fat and kirsch nose was in full force. I loved the brightness on the palate, as it was matched with silky, sweet, cherries and spice that delivered lift and heft. 96 Points

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This is a beautiful example of Cote Rotie that is really starting to show well. The nose serves up intoxicating floral, black raspberry earth, spice and thyme scents. The sweet, ripe berries have the perfect combination of lift, depth and vibrancy, coupled with complex aromatics, silky, lush textures and volume to make each sniff and sip more interesting than the last one. Not much of this beauty is made. It's truly worth the effort to seek out a few bottles. At close to 15 years of age, it's really coming into its own. 95 Points

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2001 Belle Helene from Ogier is a knock out from the moment the cork is popped. With aromatics of smoke, bacon fat, coffee, black cherry, pepper, olives, licorice and spice. The wine is full bodied and deep, with the structure to age. On the palate there is an intensity of flavor that shines in the long, fresh, blackberry and cassis flavored finish. Still young, this wine will only get better. 96 Points

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1999 Michel & Stéphane Ogier Cuvée la Belle Hélène  (Côte-Rôtie) 100

Impossible to find, and equally impossible not to be thrilled with this stellar wine. Incredibly concentrated, intense, full-bodied, firm, regal, and explosive, the wine is packed with layers of crushed rocks, peppery red fruits, iron, smoke, leafy herbs, and dried flowers. The palate-staining layers of perfectly ripe, fruits hit every nook and cranny of your taste receptors. Decanted 90 minutes, this is still remarkably young and vibrant. The finish sticks with you for 60 seconds, or longer. 100 Points

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This is a thrill-a-sip wine! Every sniff, swirl and taste is an adventure. This is Incredibly concentrated, with layers of elegant, regal, perfectly ripe, deep, dark, sweet, fresh fruits. The wine fills and coats your palate. Olives, pepper, smoke, underbrush, flint and dark red fruits are perfectly blended. The seamless finish, with its surreal, velvet texture, sticks with you for at least 60 seconds! Bought on release, it is impossible to find a bottle today. But if this sounds like your thing... The 2015 wines from Stephane Ogier were released this week and as hard as it is to believe, they are even better than the 1999's! If you like Ogier Cote Rotie, run, do not walk and buy these limited gems, before they are gone from the market, living in private cellars. 100 Points

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Tasting surprisingly young, blind I would have been shocked to find this was 16 years of age. Splash decanting brought its floral, earthy, espresso, blackberry, dark cherry, stone and barbecue notes. On the palate, the wine is powerful, concentrated and in balance. The fruit is fresh, crisp and sweet, and oh so young, leaving with a a long expression of minerality and purity in the mouth. This requires at least 3-5 more years before maturity settles in. As a point of comparison, it was less developed than the 1999 Guigal La Landonne it was paired against! 98 Points

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This was my first experience with the vintage. Having read glowing reports from Parker and our friends from across the pond, I was looking forward to it. This was a mind blowing wine! This was completely black in color. Insane levels of concentration and glycerin. Intense aromatics of fruit, spice, earth, flowers and herbs scream from the glass. The palate easily slips into ecstasy as the wine eases its way across your taste buds. The compelling finish lasts well over a minute. In 1999, this wine competes with the La La’s. This is spellbinding juice 100 Points

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1999 Michel & Stéphane Ogier  (Côte-Rôtie) 93

A pop and pour was all this needed to come alive. Medium-bodied and focused on its smoked cherry, thyme, olive and herb nose, you also find cool notes of barbecue, mesquite and kirsch. Sweet, ripe, fresh and silky with a nice bite of smoked ripe red fruit in the finish sealed the deal. This has probably moved just past its peak days. So if you are sitting on any bottles, you should enjoy them over the next 3-5 years. 93 Points

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Fully mature and drinking in the perfect, sweet spot, fresh cherries, kirsch, spice, earth, bacon fat, pepper and grilled beef scents are all over the place. Silky textures and sensuous, lush, ripe, spicy red berries in the finish make it even better. I\'m not sure I\'d age it much longer. But it\'s tasting so great now, there is no reason to wait to pop a cork. 94 Points

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You\'re greeted by a beautiful nose filled with flowers, bacon fat, plum, truffle, licorice and smoke. Rich, supple and opulent in texture, this delicious, mature Cote Rotie ends with a kinky, black cherry and spice finish. This is drinking great today. If you have a bottle, there is no reason to wait. 94 Points

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Spice, fresh picked cherries, flowers, earth, licorice and black raspberries make up the complex perfume. Silky and supple in texture, this fully mature Cote Rotie feels great on your palate when it delivers layers of fresh, spicy ripe, red and black fruits. The wine kept getting better in the glass for as long as I could keep my hands off it, which was about 2 hours. Bravo Stephane Ogier! 95 Points

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Flowers, pepper, kirsch, strawberry, earth and spicy aromas opened this exciting wine. With ample freshness and concentration, this full bodied, elegant, rich, well textured wine delivers layers of ripe dark red berries, pepper and earthy flavors. This is drinking at the perfect place today. 95 Points

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1999 Ogier Cote Rotie continues to impress every time I pop a cork. With an intense nose filled with kirsch, black pepper, dark cherries and liqueur aromatics, the wine insists on getting your attention. The lush, fresh, round and elegant wine offers the perfect balance of acidity. There is just enough to give the wine lift, but not too much, allowing the wine to feel good on your palate. The black raspberry and dark cherry finish lasts close to :40. 95 Pts

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Sizzling bacon fat, black cherry liqueur, graphite, smoke, earth,caramel and pepper aromatics lead into a full bodied, silky wine that finishes with black cherry and tart strawberries. There is a chalky feeling in the mouth that is a bit distracting. This is probably fully mature and should be consumed over the next few years. 92 Points

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Bacon fat, ripe, deep fruit, herbs and peppery spices filled the glass. What a beautiful wine. Very lush and plush. This is already drinking well today but will easily improve for 15-20 more years 96 Points

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Smells of bacon fat, flowers and fruit cake find their way from the glass to your nose. Still tannic. Serious backbone and structure to this wine. A lot of acidity. Lengthy red cherry and strawberry finish. 94 Points

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1998 Michel & Stéphane Ogier Cuvée la Belle Hélène  (Côte-Rôtie) 93

This is so close to being stunning. It's almost there. But almost only counts in horse races and hand grenades. The perfume, with its pepper, earth, kirsch and garrigue is sublime. On the palate, the wine is regal, elegant and plush. The finish is all about the beautiful purity of fresh ripe cherries. The only problem is, the finish was a bit short. This is drinking at the perfect place today. I'll finish my few remaining bottles over the next 5-8 years. 93 Points

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Full bodied, rich and concentrated with layers of ripe black fruits, but the amount of oak in this bottle was overpowering. Even with 2 hours of air, it barely dissipated. I loved the weight, depth, fruit and texture, but from memory the previous bottle showed a lot less oak. 92 Points

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Dark color with aromas of black pepper, herbs, earth and grilled meat. An opulent array of black and red cherry flavors fills your mouth with ample freshness while the wine finishes with soft touches of spicy red and black fruit. Still young, another 5 years of sleep with add a lot to this stylish wine. 95 Points

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1998 Michel & Stéphane Ogier  (Côte-Rôtie) 90

Sappy, kirsch and black fruit Cote Rotie quality that perfectly marries red and black fruit sensations. Medium bodied and already mature. 90 Points

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1991 Michel & Stéphane Ogier  (Côte-Rôtie) 96

Potent essence of kirsch, cinnamon, blackberry liqueur, jammy strawberry, licorice, market herbs, bacon fat, essence of plum and dark cherries. Rich, sweet, ripe, round cherries blanket your mouth. The opulent, satin textured finish is filled with ripe, plums, black cherry and dark berries make this an out standing Cote Rotie. 96 Points

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