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Marquis de Laguiche (Joseph Drouhin)

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2004 Marquis de Laguiche (Joseph Drouhin) Montrachet  (Montrachet Grand Cru) 92

As I get to taste Montrachet so seldom, this was a let down. Sadly, that's an all too frequent experience with expensive wines. It took a while to open and reveal its stone, earth, citrus, vanilla, grapefruit and floral personality. With air and time, the wine softened, but never expanded, ending with a mineral, butterscotch, lemon lime finish that was far too short for a wine selling for this much money. 92 Points

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2002 Marquis de Laguiche (Joseph Drouhin) Montrachet  (Montrachet Grand Cru) 94

Golden yellow, with butterscotch, lemon, flowers, honey and mineral notes in the complex aromatics. Soft and silly in texture, medium bodied and probably close to fully mature, the wine ends with sweet, tropical fruit and candied lemon rind in the finish. 94 Points

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1999 Marquis de Laguiche (Joseph Drouhin) Montrachet  (Montrachet Grand Cru) 93

Probably slightly on the other side of maturity. Deep gold in color, with a beautiful butterscotch, green apple and citrus nose, the wine is soft, elegant and fleshy, but not exciting. 93 Points

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1996 Marquis de Laguiche (Joseph Drouhin) Montrachet  (Montrachet Grand Cru) 25

Completely oxidized. What a loss. This should have been a thrilling experience. Yet, it was used to wash the drain. It's only a bottle. But, it hurt... 0 Points

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