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Eisele Vineyard

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2016 Eisele Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon  (Napa Valley) 98

The best wine in modern times for the legendary Eisele Vineyard, this hits the mark the moment you initially sense it in your glass. The nose grabs you with its leafy, floral, tobacco, spice and fruit filled character. Rich and sensuous, the wine has polish and volume coupled with freshness and purity of fruit. This is a fabulous style and expression of California Cabernet Sauvignon that will provide pleasure for at least 25 years or more. 98 Points

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2016 Eisele Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc  (Napa Valley) 93

Citrus peel, flowers, grapefruit, orange and honeysuckle kick the nose off. From there you enjoy the freshness, energy, creamy textures and vibrancy from the fresh, clean, yellow citrus fruits. 93 Points

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2016 Eisele Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon Altagracia  (Napa Valley) 92

With more richness than the 2015, the wine offers fresh, ripe, juicy, dark red fruits, leafy tones, silky tannins and elegant textures. This vintage of Altagracia is clearly a unique wine showing its own characteristics. 92 Points

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2015 Eisele Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon  (Napa Valley) 96

Vibrant, yet fleshy, full, but refined, voluminous, the wine has depth and silky tannins. On the nose, you find smoke, earth, cigar box and ripe, dark plums, black cherry and blackberry. The finish is all about is sensuous textures and the bolt of dark chocolate covered, juicy, polished, sexy dark, red fruits. It's interesting to note that even though the wine is already expressing itself, you can easily hold this for 20 years for future development. 96 Points

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2015 Eisele Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon Altagracia  (Napa Valley) 92

Fresh, live, elegant and pure, the wine offers refined, sweet, dark cherry notes, licorice, thyme and cigar leaf notes. You can enjoy this wine on release and for at least another 10-15 more years. 92 Points

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2014 Eisele Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon Altagracia  (Napa Valley) 89

Earthy dark cherries are at its core. The wine is medium bodied, forward in style will show best on the young side, allowing tasters to get the most from its upfront, early drinking style. 89 Points

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2014 Eisele Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon  (Napa Valley) 94

Over the past few years, the wine has started filling out, adding more flesh and fruit. Along the wine, the has also taken on additional polish to the tannins and nuances of smoke, earth, dark red fruits and forest leaf notes. You can already enjoy this beauty now, while waiting for the bigger, more powerful 2015 and 2016 to develop. 94 Points

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Cedar and dark berries, hints of licorice and vanilla bean are out in front. The wine is tannic,masculine and semi strict in character. There is good fruit in the middle here, but it takes effort and time to find it. Perhaps time in the cellar will help flesh out the wine, adding more of its typical, soft, lush personality. 92 Points

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2013 Eisele Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon  (Napa Valley) 98

Fresh, silky, vibrant and exciting, the wine offers serious levels of concentration with a spine of dark chocolate and lush, juicy, perfectly ripe, blackberries, plums and a hint of blue fruit. Length, purity, complexity and balance in a great style that feels as good as it tastes! What more could you ask for? 98 Points

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Deep in color, with a dark chocolate, earthy, espresso, truffle driven nose. On the palate, the wine is pure silk and sensuality. It must be the feminine touch of the new winemaker, Helene Mingot. The finish is long, remaining with you for at least 50 seconds. 98 Points

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