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Diamond Creek

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2013 Diamond Creek Cabernet Sauvignon Red Rock Terrace  (Diamond Mountain) 96

Rocks, burning embers, cassis, wet earth and blackberry aromas stand out. Powerful, balanced, rich, plush and mouth filling, there is weight and substance in abundance with freshness and pure sweet fruits. You can drink it young, but I’d age it for at least a decade. 96 Points

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2013 Diamond Creek Cabernet Sauvignon Gravelly Meadow  (Diamond Mountain) 95

Truffle, herbs, and dark fruits open up the wine with coaxing. The wine is tight and holding back, so some effort is needed to wake it. Deep, long, full bodied, and with loads of dark chocolate covered fruits on the palate paired with freshness in the finish. Stylistically, the wine is slightly austere, but with great character, depth and mouth feel. You’ll need to be patient with this one. But it is going to be worth the wait. And I imagine the score will move up as the wine softens and opens, but we'll have to wait and see. 95 Points

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2013 Diamond Creek Cabernet Sauvignon Volcanic Hill  (Diamond Mountain) 98

Powerful deep, rich and concentrated, with a regal, quality to its ample tannins. There is a lot of depth that is easily seen with its multiple layers of fruit. The sweet, ripe, dark berries and the perfect hint of earthy chocolate in the finish sticks with you for close to 50 seconds. This is serious juice, made in a great style that is impossible to stop drinking. That being said, like all great wines, Diamond Creek is a wine to lay down for at least a decade or longer. I'm still drinking my 1978's! 98 Points

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2012 Diamond Creek Cabernet Sauvignon 40th Anniversary Gravelly Meadow  (Diamond Mountain) 94

Smoke, licorice, fresh herbs, cassis and tar aromatics make up the perfume. The wine is more refined than Gravelly Meadow in the same vintage. There is a richness to the texture coupled with fresh blackberry and cassis, in the full bodied finish that stands out. 94 Points

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2012 Diamond Creek Cabernet Sauvignon 40th Anniversary Red Rock Terrace  (Diamond Mountain) 95

Dark ruby in color, with an earthy, smoke filled cassis and licorice nose. Full bodied, concentrated, fresh and lively with a polished, mineral driven, cassis packed finish. The finish really lingers. The wine needs a decade in the cellar to become civilized. 95 Points

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2012 Diamond Creek Cabernet Sauvignon 40th Anniversary Volcanic Hill  (Diamond Mountain) 97

Deep, dark ruby in color. Smoke, licorice, caramel, earth, tobacco and ripe blackberry notes are in abundance. The wine is deep, fresh, long, concentrated and really displays a purity of fruit. This is really a great expression of mountain fruit that leaves you wanting another sip, before your glass is emptied. But this is an ager that needs time to soften and come together for maximum pleasure. I might not see this in 30-40 years, but I would not be surprised if the wine was rockin’ at that point in time. 97 Points

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2010 Diamond Creek Cabernet Sauvignon Volcanic Hill  (Diamond Mountain) 96

This is a super wine in such a great style. In a semi sleeping mode for the moment, decanting and air brought out all the fresh blackberries, tobacco, smoke, earth burnt wood from a fire pit aromas anyone needs. Rich, dense, tannic, concentrated and fresh, 10 more years of sleep in the cellar will add a lot to this beauty. 96 Points

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2009 Diamond Creek Cabernet Sauvignon Volcanic Hill  (Diamond Mountain) 94

OK, this is still so young, but there is a lot to like about the layer after of ripe, sweet, fresh, juicy fruit, licorice and campfire ember nose. And the wine is even better when it hits your palate with all those ripe blackberries, blue fruit, licorice and ripe tannins. Give this time and it will be even better. 94 Points

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2008 Diamond Creek Cabernet Sauvignon Red Rock Terrace  (Diamond Mountain) 90

Tobacco leaf, truffle and cassis scents are easy to find in this full bodied, traditionally styled, bright, California Cabernet Sauvignon. The wine ends with crunchy, cassis and blackberry with a hint of green in the tannic finish. This is not a fun wine to drink young. 90 Points

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2008 Diamond Creek Cabernet Sauvignon Gravelly Meadow  (Diamond Mountain) 91

With forest floor, tobacco, cedar, cassis and blackberry aromas, this tannic, structured, old school California wine will need a lot of time to soften. The wine is austere and masculine in style, with cassis and cranberry in the tannic finish. Fans of Cabernet Sauvignon from the 70’s will feel right at home with this wine. 91 Points

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2008 Diamond Creek Cabernet Sauvignon Volcanic Hill  (Diamond Mountain) 92

Crème de cassis, licorice, smoke, cedar, earth and lead pencil aromas create the Bordeaux styled perfume. Powerful, concentrated, bright and fresh, this structured wine has mouth searing tannins. This could take 20 years to come around. But as the 1978 Diamond Creek Volcanic Hill is still going strong at close to 35 years of age, if you’re really young and very patient, it might be worth the long wait. 92 Points

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1996 Diamond Creek Cabernet Sauvignon Volcanic Hill  (Diamond Mountain) 84

Forgettable bottle of Cabernet. 84 Points

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1995 Diamond Creek Cabernet Sauvignon Volcanic Hill  (Diamond Mountain) 89

Tart, bright, crisp and earthy, with a strong, herbal, cedar and leafy component. Medium-full bodied, the wine is better on the nose than the palate. Lovers of this style of less ripe, old school, classic Cabernet Sauvignon will like this more than I did. 89 Points

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1994 Diamond Creek Cabernet Sauvignon Volcanic Hill  (Diamond Mountain) 94

Wet soil, tobacco, blackberry and stone aromatics lead to full bodied, tannic, dense, powerful and rich, this is long, fresh, clean and fresh. This is a perfect example of what makes the best traditionally styled Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. This will be quite long aged. 94 Points

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A nice wine here, with lots of secondary tobacco, cigar, cassis and earthy notes in the boquet. Tannic, young and firm, this could show better with more age. Only time will tell. 92 Points

2,646 Views   Tasted

This is starting to show secondary characteristics of cassis, tobacco, minerality, cedar wood, smoke, blackberry and lead pencil aromas. Full bodied and structured to age, while not at the level of Diamond Creek produced in the 1970's or early 1980's, this is a good example of a classic styled, California Sauvignon. 93 Points

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1994 Diamond Creek Cabernet Sauvignon Gravelly Meadow  (Diamond Mountain) 92

Firm, structured, still young and tannic, the wine is clearly built to age. With 2 hours of decanting, tobacco, cassis, dark berries and earthy notes emerged. The wine is full bodied, bright and fresh. 92 Points

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1994 Diamond Creek Cabernet Sauvignon Red Rock Terrace  (Diamond Mountain) 92

Firm, classic, cassis filled with a green slant to the herbs, cedar and tobacco leaf nuances. Not quite stoic, but there was an austerity felt here on the mid-palate and finish. I liked the wine, but it was on the rustic side. 92 Points

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Cassis, pepper, spice and bell pepper scents lead to a crisp, fresh, juicy mouthful of Cabernet Sauvignon. 92 Points

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1993 Diamond Creek Cabernet Sauvignon Gravelly Meadow  (Diamond Mountain) 87

Severe tannins, firm, structured and on the bright red side of the fruit spectrum range, the earthy, tobacco, spice and cherry notes in the perfume was the best part of the tasting. On the palate, pleasure was harder to find. 87 Points

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1992 Diamond Creek Cabernet Sauvignon Anniversary Edition 1972 - 1992 Lake  (Diamond Mountain) 88

Tart, tannic and tight, this austere, bright wine will appeal to fans of old school wines more than it did to me. Good luck finding a bottle however. 88 Points

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1987 Diamond Creek Cabernet Sauvignon Lake  (Diamond Mountain) 90

Nice enough, but not at the level of quality that should be demanded for a wine at this price point. More interesting on the cassis, blackberry, leafy, forest and tobacco nose, than on the tannic, structured, full bodied, concentrated, but austere palate. The wine is still youthful, so there is no hurry to drink it, but I doubt it is going to improve or change its spots from here. 90 Points

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1984 Diamond Creek Cabernet Sauvignon Gravelly Meadow  (Diamond Mountain) 93

Tobacco, cassis, black cherry, earth and incense aromas paired well with the depth of flavor, concentration and chewy, round, mouth filling flavors. Balanced and a pleasure to taste, this old school, California Cabernet Sauvignon wine improved in the glass for 90 minutes before starting to fade. 93 Points

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1984 Diamond Creek Cabernet Sauvignon Volcanic Hill  (Diamond Mountain) 94

It is hard to believe this is so young, and its over 30 years of age. But the truth is in the bottle. Full bodied, concentrated, powerful, and tannic, with loads of fruit, but a wall of tannin that is not yet resolved. Think of 1986 Bordeaux and you get the picture. Not my bottle, but I am happy to have a few stashed away in my cellar. 94 Points

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1984 Diamond Creek Cabernet Sauvignon Red Rock Terrace  (Diamond Mountain) 91

Powerful, chewy, concentrated, but clearly rough around the edges, this is a solid example of old school California Cabernet Sauvignon that shows a lot of character, but not much finesse. 91 Points

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1980 Diamond Creek Cabernet Sauvignon Gravelly Meadow  (Diamond Mountain) 89

Better than expected, the wine is still young, slightly coarse in texture, but filled with cassis, tobacco, blackberries and a touch of acidity and cranberry in the finish. All things considered, for a 33 year old wine from an off vintage, this is quite a success. If you're seeking a birth year wine from this difficult vintage, this is a not a bad way to go. In fact, that's exactly what this bottle was opened for. 89 Points

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1978 Diamond Creek Cabernet Sauvignon Lake  (Diamond Mountain) 99

1978 Diamond Creek Lake grabbed your attention as soon as your nose met the glass. The complex aromas of scorched earth, smoke, tobacco, cassis, blackberry, caramel, black cherry and charcoal let you know this was a stunning wine. In the mouth, its concentrated, full bodied, rich, deep and packed with flavor. The long, pure finish was filled with endless layers of cassis, earth and spice. This is probably the best bottle of mature California Cabernet Sauvignon I’ve had the privilege of tasting. Needless to say, I was blown away when the bottle was revealed. 1978 marked the debut vintage for Diamond Creek Lake vineyard bottling. Very little of this wine was made and only a handful of bottles remain. It was a wine I thought I’d never see. 99 Points

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1978 Diamond Creek Cabernet Sauvignon Red Rock Terrace  (Diamond Mountain) 98

This is what great, aged, California Cabernet is all about. Powerful concentrated, rich, complex and loaded with ripe, juicy, Cabernet Sauvignon, cedar, tobacco and spice. The wine has depth, length and complexity and it's young and fresh! 98 Points

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1978 Diamond Creek Red Rock Terrace offered earth, smoke, caramel, blackberry and tobacco scents led to a structured, powerful, full bodied Cabernet Sauvignon with a fresh, ripe, long finish. 96 Points

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Red Rock Terrace Cassis, stone, earth, blackberry, truffle and tobacco get you interested in a powerful full bodied, concentrated wine that served blind, would fool any taster into thinking it was an upper level Pauillac from a good vintage. 96 Points

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1978 Diamond Creek Cabernet Sauvignon Gravelly Meadow  (Diamond Mountain) 98

At its full peak of maturity, with no signs of fading, 78 Diamond Creeks are the diamond standard for mature, older, classic, California Cabernet. This stunner opens quickly, no decanting needed. Initially, you find, cedar, tobacco leaf, red currants and cigar box notes that could be from Pauillac. But give it 5-10 minutes and the sweet cherry tones and mint accents emerge screaming California! Full-bodied, rich, concentrated, and mouth-filling, the finish is packed with ripe, chewy, sweet, fresh, spicy red fruits that linger. 98 Points

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This is stunning. Served double blind, I would have thought it was almost 20 years younger than its true age. The perfectly ripe blackberries are fresh and pure. The wine is full bodied, concentrated and lush, there is power, rustic refinement and a long, sweet, ripe, dark berry finish. This is mature California Cabernet Sauvignon at its best. 98 Points

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1978 Diamond Creek Gravelly Meadow – Cigar box, tobacco, cassis, cedar wood, smoke and caramel scents create a complex set of aromatics. The wine is plush, fat and dense, ending with a blast of pure, ripe Cabernet Sauvignon. 96 Points

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1978 Diamond Creek Gravelly Meadow was stuffed with blackberry,cassis, tobacco, olive tapenade, spice and earthy scents. With intense concentration and round textures, this powerful wine is a dead ringer for a high quality Pauillac from a great vintage. Still young, this deep wine should remain at this level for at least another 10-20 years. 96 Pts

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1978 Diamond Creek Cabernet Sauvignon Volcanic Hill  (Diamond Mountain) 100

This bottle was spellbinding! It tasted like it was 15-20 years old, not 40. Still concentrated, deep, fresh, vibrant and dark, the is a depth of flavor here, coupled with palate coating intensity, that makes it impossible not to take another sip. The dark berries are fresh, with energy, length and complexity. The wine has become shockingly expensive over the past few years, but it is a remarkable tasting experience for those interested in the best classic California Cabernet Sauvignon wines. This is as good as it gets!!! 100 Points

3,564 Views   Tasted

Stunning in every sense of the word, this tasted like it was at least 20 years younger than its true age. The nose reminded me of a First Growth Pauillac, with its tobacco, herbs, earth, cassis, blackberry and cedar wood profile. Fresh, lively, ripe fruits fill your palate with the right amount of acidity and fruit to make you go back for sip after sip. 97 Points

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1978 Diamond Creek Volcanic Hill announced its presence with cedar wood, cassis, tobacco, truffle, earth, smoke and forest floor aromatics. Full bodied with layers of cassis, spice and blackberry, this mineral driven expression of Cabernet Sauvignon would more than hold its own in a blind tasting against the First Growths. I've been able to taste the wine a lot over the years and as good as this bottle was, I've had even better bottles! If you want to experience one of the better examples of mature California wine, this is about as good as it gets. 97 Points

6,485 Views   Tasted

Tobacco, cigar box, creme de cassis, truffle, smoke, forest floor and dark plums always make me think of Pauillac. Served blind, that was my guess. Wrong. This vintage Caliifornia Cabernet Sauvignon would fool most people. Full bodied and concentrated, this powerful, fully mature wine ends with cassis, cranberry and spice. I have tasted better bottles. At almost 34 years of age, perhaps it's a sign that the wine needs drinking. 94 Points

5,684 Views   Tasted

This sublime wine once again showed why it remains in such high regard. Stunning aromas of Cuban cigar, truffle, stone, cassis, blackberry and forest floor paired perfectly with the layers of pure cassis and black fruits. Powerful, rich, balanced and at 32, still youthful. This was served to me in a blind tasting and was sure it was First Growth Bordeaux! Life is too short not to try this wine at least once. 98 Points

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This is a very serious mature, Napa Cabernet wine that would compete with a lot of high scoring First Growths in a blind tasting. Still young, with a lot of character, body and concentration. It's nice sharing cool California bottles with friends from across the pond. 97 Points

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1974 Diamond Creek Cabernet Sauvignon Volcanic Hill  (Diamond Mountain) 94

Hard to believe this is closing in on 45 years of age. Serving up a profile of cedar, tobacco, cigar box and cherry, there is power, rusticity and charm all in the same glass. 94 Points

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Packed with smoke, cigar box, licorice, black cherry and truffles, this was still concentrated, full bodied and deep. The wine continued improving in the glass. 94 Points

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This was filled with smoke, earth, cassis, tobacco and blackberries. From the nose, this was a dead ringer for an older, fully mature Pauillac. The wine finished with soft textures and deep earth, strawberry and spicy black cherry flavors that are found only in the best older California Cabernets 93 Points

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