How wine has impacted one`s life- from Williams Selyem

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How wine has impacted one`s life- from Williams Selyem

Post by Blake Brown » Fri May 20, 2016 5:51 pm

In the recent Williams Selyem Spring 2016 Release publication was a copy of a heartwarming letter sent to them from a couple who were early customers in the days of Burt and Ed. It is so special, I`ve copied it for all to embrace.

Dear Williams Selyem,

This Thanksgiving we opened a magnum of 1988 Williams Selyem Zinfandel, to enjoy with our family. The magnum had this hand written note on the label: “Nicole, enjoy this with your parents at some special occasion.” Signed: Ed and Burt

On a Friday evening in 1989, my wife and I enjoyed dinner at John Ash & Company. At that time, Sonoma County was still pretty sleepy. The waiter enthusiastically sang the praises of various locally made wines, in particular the Pinot Noirs, many of which we were unfamiliar with. This is how we were introduced to Williams Selyem magic. As we raved about the wine, the waiter chortled, “Why don`t you visit the winery? It`s just across the street, in that little shed.”

The next morning was one of those sparkling-crisp-fall days and our first stop was a stroll over to the winery, with our 18 month old daughter, Nicole. Ed was there seemingly by himself, and greeted us warmly. We explained our Williams Selyem discovery the night before and asked him a myriad of questions. He was clearly proud of the work, but modestly spoke about himself and Burt, giving most of the credit to the vineyards and fruit. He shared some of the wines and we were duly impressed. Each one seemed to be better than the last. We worried, and Ed laughed, as our daughter cruised around the lower shelves inspecting countless corks and other fascinating items. We purchased a case of wine to be shipped home, and went on our way, having thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

The following week we wrote a note to Ed, thanking him for the wonderful visit. Nicole was born in 1988 and we were collecting some large formats to hold for her 21st birthday. Bordeaux was a fine year, but we wondered if any of the WILLIAMS SELYEM wines might be suitable for a 20 year or more hold. About 10 days later, 2 magnums of the 1988 Zinfandel arrived at our home inscribed as mentioned above. We called to thank them and identify the charges. They indicated it was their pleasure and there was no charge. Nicole is now 27 and our grandson Jacob is 3. We still have the second magnum yet to be enjoyed.

We have so much to be thankful for!

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