TN: 2007 Markko Riesling Reserve (USA, Ohio)

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TN: 2007 Markko Riesling Reserve (USA, Ohio)

Postby Loren Sonkin » Fri Feb 18, 2011 6:16 pm

  • 2007 Markko Riesling Reserve - USA, Ohio (2/17/2011)
    07 was a great vintage around these parts. This Riesling rocked. It bested an 02 Fevre Chablis (I forget which one) unanimously. Golden color, looking a bit older than you might expect. The nose was clean with grapefruits and some minerals. On the palate, slightly sweet, like an old time spatlese or a modern Kabinett. They actually market it as "Auslese" with the quotes. Not sure how that translates into heir picking ripeness. Lemons and minerals. Juicy texture. Nice acidity. Long finish. At $30, this is not cheap, but it is damn good. (91 pts.)

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