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66 Palmer

Posted: Mon Mar 25, 2019 1:21 pm
by LaConseillante
I opened my last 66 Palmer on Saturday. If I can navigate the site I will try to describe in edit. This seems to be holding. If I don't lose it all and have to re log in I will try to leave a description.

Okay, so this is a legendary bottle and the 4th time I've tasted it. First time was around 1985 when I thought it was the best red I had ever tasted. Then a couple less thrilling bottles, one in a tasting. I bought this, one of a pair, from a reputable store about 27 years ago, with the knowledge it came from an English cellar. I had meant to drink it a decade ago, but other wines took precedence. I noticed it had slight ullage and put it on the "drink soon" list and invited a couple wine friends for a home dinner. The cork was crumbly, but the decanted wine was sound with a lovely bouquet and no volatile acidity. It bloomed gracefully in the glass for the first 10 minutes, plateau'd and faded slightly only with the last few drops in a half hour or so. Typical for a wine of 53 years age. It has always been a majestic wine, perhaps not as seductive as the Ducru-Beaucaillou in their primes, but having a regal character that is hard to describe. The 1966 vintage has always held a fascination for me. The best wines like Pichon-Lalande, Ducru and Talbot had a fiery red color and warm red raspberry nuance. (The Lafite is disappointing, just an "average" wine, and I heard this may be true for a few other premier cru). I have not had many. This was my last bottle of the vintage except for a Montrose which I tasted a few years ago and was still stunningly powerful. That is also marked for near consumption. I don't have that many wines of "legendary" status, but this was one, and I'm happy that my last memory will be a great one.

Re: 66 Palmer

Posted: Wed Mar 27, 2019 12:22 am
by Jeff Leve
Greetings from Bordeaux. I was at Palmer just a few days ago. I am quite familiar with the 66. For me, they are fading, so you finished it at the right time.

I'll try to fix the bugs in the software here after I return to the states... Sorry for the trouble.