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Northern Rhone 1997

Posted: Sun Sep 17, 2017 10:32 am
by Paul Curtis
Only had the Guigal La Landonne and the Chapoutier Le Meal Blanc, both excellent.

About to try the Chapoutier L'Ermite v Pavillon (recent purchases so standing up at the moment to allow bottles to settle down)

Does anyone have a view on other 1997's? I assume most past their peak.

Re: Northern Rhone 1997

Posted: Tue Sep 19, 2017 9:47 am
by Jeff Leve
Hi Paul.... I own all those 1997 wines in my cellar. I like the vintage. It is sort of like 2001 or 1985 in Bordeaux, early drinking, yet with style and substance. I think they can all age, or at least I hope so, as I have a lot remaining. It's been a few years since my last Chapoutier, but that should be still quite young. Let me know what you think please...

Re: Northern Rhone 1997

Posted: Sat Oct 28, 2017 12:11 pm
by Paul Curtis
Very brief notes on multiple NR’s.

Chapoutier L’Ermite v Le Pavillon 1997 - the L’Ermite clear winner, the Pavillon slightly medicinal. Both a little disappointing when compared to D’Ampuis 99 and Rostaing Cote Blonde 98.

This was close contest, the Guigal more powerful and fruity, more Robert Parker. However the Rostaing more interesting and better match with food.

The Guigal La Turque 97 was the big surprise. Maybe I had very low expectations but it rocked. Not a powerhouse but a lovely example of Cote Rotie at its elegant floral best.

La Turque 2003 dramatically different. Absolute powerhouse and some will consider sensational. However, although clear Cote Rote origins, little of the delicacy and subtlety I love about Cote Rotie. I preferred the 1997, the 2003 too ‘sickly’

Guigal Ex Voto 2005 - needs loads of aeration. At least 5 hours to begin to shed the tannins. Lacks the complexity of a La La but I’m realising I’m now a paid up Cote Rotie supporter. Lovely wine nevertheless.

Had two Mouline 91’s. One was excellent but the other was to die for. From the first nose is was absolutely sensational. Had it in a hotel where they had decanted three hours. It was so fantastic I had to give the Somns a (small!) glass, really great wine needs to be shared with other buffs. Very uplifting to occasionally taste a wine that blows your socks off.

Re: Northern Rhone 1997

Posted: Sun Oct 29, 2017 10:55 am
by Paul Curtis

I see your wine of the week - Mouline 91!

You say one hour decant but could drink earlier and enjoy it opening up. Aeration is a big issue for me and thinking a good La La needs three hours before it delivers the ‘value’ for $’s?

I’m drinking a Guigal Landonne 1997 tonight, was slightly tannic at 2 hours, lovely sweet fruit at 3.

Maybe the difference between us is that I will drink over 2-3 hour window? If drinking over longer window, there is risk the wine falls away before last sip?

When on hols last week, I was chatting to the Somns about other customers decanting times. Seems nearly all will decant at the table, they thought sacrilege if a top wine. Said get a lot of Russians buying Petrus..... These are residents in a hotel so not difficult to ask Somn earlier in the day. Reality is that I’ve been going to this (well known) hotel for annual hols last 15 and have only met two other guests who are passionate about wine.