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La Turque, La Mouline and Le Pavillon, all 96

Posted: Sun Aug 20, 2017 10:32 pm
by Paul Curtis
Compared these 1996 wines by Coravin last few days.

For such under rated vintages all surprisingly enjoyable.

First surprise was how long they took to open up, need at least three hours in the glass.

The Mouline and Turque very similar, the Mouline slightly more floral with greater notes of red cherries. I'd rate the Mouline fractionally ahead of the Turque say, 94 and 93. Drinking blind and would probably have been a bit higher!

The Pavillon classic mouth filling black fruits with significantly more granite. Has the power of the La Las but imo not the sophistication or the complexity. I'd give 92 pts + but others might rated higher