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Charles Heidsieck/ Ruinart Rose, 06` Taittinger CDC, 97` Williams Selyem Rochioli RB Pinot Noir

Posted: Sat Jul 01, 2017 3:51 pm
by Blake Brown
A great night was had by all as we entertained 2 other couples for dinner and wines in our home.
We started with champagne and appetisers on the penthouse rooftop on a stellar pre-sunset, early on in the evening hours with dramatic views in all directions. Our outdoor sound system speakers broadcast a playlist of legendary rock and roll tunes that kept the mood lively, upbeat and reminiscent.

The rooftop wines:

NV CHARLES HEIDSIECK RESERVE ROSE- I`ve enjoyed this fine rose over the past few years and this bottle fell into the royalty line with those before it; this bottle had appealing aromas of red fruit with noticeable spice; the taste had just enough salt and pepper to at least recognise it along with toasted brioche, ginger, red raspberry, red cherry and clove; it`s medium bodied with a silky feel and rich and very refreshing as well as offering a taste treat to cherish.

NV RUINART BRUT ROSE- along with the Charles Heidsieck rose, this is perhaps my consistent favs of the NV roses and I decided to pair them up against each other and the transition was perfect; both were spectacular and served in the proper order IMHO; this bottle was more full bodied and gave up more expressive fruit with strawberry, red cherry and red raspberry most prominent; there was similar toasted brioche and a texture of mild cream which extended the length graciously.

The dinner wines in the penthouse dining room:

2006 TAITTINGER COMTES DE CHAMPAGNE- having had a bottle a couple of months ago and experiencing its early on pleasure, I decided to throw this into the mix and thankfully I did; rich, full on tropical, floral and citrus notes float out of the glass; the taste profile is of toasted bread dough, fresh lemon, white peach, lime and a touch of kiwi; the texture is the classic creamy, rich that is a hallmark of CDCs; with bright acidity, it promises to be a big time winner for many years down the road.

1997 WILLIAMS SELYEM ROCHIOLI RIVERBLOCK VINEYARD PINOT NOIR- 2 bottles; our first bottle had some VA which fortunately did not dominate and spoil the wine; we drank the bottle and then opened another one to get the true essence of what this is all about; fresh red and black cherry along with some plum and blackberry flavours abound with a touch of spice; it was in perfect balance; one great bottle and one not so great, a rare occasion for me and this wine.

As stated initially, this was a great night full of love, hugs and lifelong friendships. We especially planned this evening to righteously celebrate one of the extra special gentleman on the planet who has dedicated so much time and energy to enable others to enjoy the life is good doctrine.