Master Sommelier: A pinnacle of excellence

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Master Sommelier: A pinnacle of excellence

Post by Blake Brown » Thu Nov 19, 2015 1:30 pm

It is well known how tough it is to pass the test[s] to become a Master Sommelier. I have so much respect for all who have even attempted to do so, let alone those few who have succeeded in make it. I`ve gained further appreciation watching 2 episodes of a program called Uncorked offered on DirecTV on channel 235, Esquire.

The first is " Eleven Madison Park. The second is "TopSomm Regionals. Check them out in that order. I shuddered to see some of the requirements and many mishaps each of the 6 that are chronicled in this series went through placing myself in their place.

I do not have aspirations to go for the MS, but I am very appreciative for all who have achieved this distinguished status. I know a few personally and the next time I see any of them, I`m acknowledging my deep appreciation to them. My doctorate degree was cake compared to what is required here and it was challenging.

There are only a little over 200 in the world for an organization that`s been in existence for over 40 years.


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