Pomerol/Feytit Clinet

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Rish Ahluwalia
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Pomerol/Feytit Clinet

Post by Rish Ahluwalia » Sun Jan 02, 2011 4:06 pm

Nice to join.

My first question is what are people's recs for good Pomerol that won't break the bank?

Recently drank 2006 Feytit Clinet - I'm no expert on Pomerols but I really liked this. I see Jeff and some others prefer the 2008-2009 vintages but surely that's too young to drink right now?

Thank you and wishing you a wonderful new year and lot's of drinking pleasures.

Best Regards,
Rishad - London, UK

Jeff Leve
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Re: Pomerol/Feytit Clinet

Post by Jeff Leve » Mon Jan 03, 2011 8:20 am

Hi Rishad

Thanks for posting. Pomerol is the most expensive Bordeaux wine appellation. It combines low production with high quality and demand. That is a recipe for pricey wines.

But there are some nice Pomerol's if you know where to look. My first tip is, when you read that the vintage is good for Pomerol, buy the wines you want as quick as possible as futures. Pomerol is the first region to harvest, so a good vintage in other areas does not guarantee the wines from Pomerol should be purchased as futures.

You've already discovered Feytit Clinet. La Croix St. Georges is also a good choice. The wines can be oaky in their youth. Gazin is a wine to look for. 2009 is a great vintage for Pomerol. Latour a' Pomerol, La Fleur de Gay, Vraye Croix de Gay, Le Gay, Certan de May & Providence are still fairly priced and are worth seeking out. I didn't get to taste them all. But on the strength of the vintage, and the reviews from other writers I trust, I purchased some of those wines for my own cellar.

Thanks for posting.

mustafa camlica
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Post by mustafa camlica » Wed Feb 16, 2011 12:34 pm

Gazin has been my favorite for years...

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Post by Chris.Insley » Sun Feb 20, 2011 11:06 pm


I too am a fan of the Gazin.....If I can steal an expression used by our host Jeff, it's an "Insider's Wine". I know Gazin get's accused of harsh oak treatment in many vintages but give that wine some time to resolve and it's a whooooole...nother story. I love the 2001 but it needs just a little more time......I think the 2004 is going to be better than critics scores would indicate in a few years. I bought 6 bottles of the 2005 on futures and I've yet to taste it but I hear it's very fine. If you can get your hands on the 2001 2nd label wine called Hospitalet de Gazin, you will be stunned. I tasted this in June last year in St. Emilion and I was floored. I actually sourced a case of this wine from St. Emilion after that to have some....it's that good.

Seems like the 08 and 09 are finally big time wines based on scores by many critics. I've had the pleasure of drinking the 08 just 6 weeks ago when some of the first 08 futures arrived......it's a knockout wine. Blows away any other vintage I've had before. Can't wait to try the 2009 next year when it shows up.

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