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Château Rouget

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2020 Château Rouget  (Pomerol) 93

Showing a depth of color, the lusciously textured, rich, silky, fresh wine is packed with ripe, black cherries, espresso, dark chocolate with touches of peppery spice and cigar wrapper in the endnote. With 3-5 years in the cellar, this is going to be just great. 92-94 Pts

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2019 Château Rouget  (Pomerol) 93

Dark in color, the wine pops with flowers, earth, black forest cake and licorice notes on the nose. Lush, supple and rich, the wine ends with silky plums, black cherries and chocolate. This is a top vintage for Rouget. 92-94 Pts

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2018 Château Rouget  (Pomerol) 93

Showing much better in bottle than in barrel, the wine is full-bodied, rich, round and supple. Layers of silky, sweet, black and deep red fruits meld perfectly with spice, cocoa, licorice, espresso bean and wet earth. The fruit filled finish combines length, lift and finesse. Give this 3-5 years before popping a cork. 93 Points

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Black cherry and plums galore with espresso, licorice and spice box aromas that fuse well with the medium-bodied, soft, ripe berry palate. Give this 3-5 years for the oak to integrate and for the wine to gain in complexity. 90-92 Pts

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2017 Château Rouget  (Pomerol) 91

Medium-bodied, forward and floral, with the right amount of licorice, plums, dark cherries and even darker cocoa, the wine is soft round and needs only a few years in the cellar. 91 Points

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Juicy bright cherries, plum and thyme create the main theme here in this medium-bodied wine. You'll find this is soft, round and polished with fruits that speak to you from start to finish. 91 Points

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2016 Château Rouget  (Pomerol) 92

Lush, silky, rich and concentrated, the wine is polished, fresh, and juicy with a silky textured blast of licorice, cocoa and red fruit filled finish. This super wine is a real value for Pomerol. 92 Points

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Silky, soft, polished and fresh, the ripe fruit sings here. The added nuances of flowers, anise and truffle along with dark cocoa add to the experience. This super wine is a real value for Pomerol. 92 Points

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Floral and black raspberry notes are the first things you notice here. This lush, silky, medium-bodied wine is satisfying with fruit-infused cocoa in a round finish. 92 Points

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2015 Château Rouget  (Pomerol) 93

Rich and concentrated, with silky tannins, freshness and layers of sweet, ripe black cherries with the right amount of licorice. Silky and fruity, the wine feels great on your palate. This is the best vintage of Rouget produced yet! 93 Points

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I love writing about wines that start out as 91 Pts in barrel, and end up with 93 Pts in bottle. That's how it should work in a good vintage. Here, you find a rich, deep, concentrated wine, with silky tannins, elegance, balance, freshness and sweet, ripe black cherries infused with licorice. The lusciously textured finish is the frosting on the cake. The wine was made with 45% whole cluster fruit, which definitively had a positive impact. 93 Points

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Medium-bodied, silky and soft, with ripe, fresh, juicy plums, earth and floral notes. This is quite nice and a good value for a wine from Pomerol. 92 Points

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Medium-bodied and forward with round, polished, sweet and spicy, red fruits and licorice that feel great and taste even better, this wine is fresh and smooth and wraps with polished, sweet plums and a dash of spice. 91 - 93 Pts

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2014 Château Rouget  (Pomerol) 89

This wine offers soft, round, textures, a forward character and bright, red berries with plums in the cocoa and herb finish. 88-90 Pts

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2013 Château Rouget  (Pomerol) 88

With an oak, earth and black raspberry character, the wine shows dusty tannins in the black raspberry and dark chocolate finish. 87-89 Pts

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2012 Château Rouget  (Pomerol) 91

Licorice, black cherry liqueur, polished and supple tannins, round textures and a plush, spicy and minty liqueur finish are found in this wine. 90-92 Pts

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2011 Château Rouget  (Pomerol) 91

Earth, bitter chocolate and black cherry with round, soft tannins, lush textures and a ripe, dark plum finish are found in this wine. 90-92 Pts

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2010 Château Rouget  (Pomerol) 92

As good, or even slightly better than the 2009, the wine is lush, plush and filled with sweet, juicy, ripe, black plums, cherries, truffle, licorice and dark chocolate. Rouget is making one of the best values in Pomerol today, which says a lot for wines from this increasingly expensive appellation. 92 Points

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2009 Château Rouget  (Pomerol) 91

Round, supple textures, fresh dark cherry, earth, fennel and cocoa scents and a fresh, sweet, plummy, rich, plush finish. This is another example of how great 2009 is for the entire appellation of Pomerol at all price points. 91 Points

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2008 Château Rouget  (Pomerol) 90

Black raspberry, coffee, dark cherry and earthy notes make up the perfume. Medium bodied, soft and round in texture, with a sweet, red and black plum filled finish. This is a nice, ready to drink Pomerol that is available for under $30. 90 Points

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2006 Château Rouget  (Pomerol) 91

Floral, focused and fresh, the wine is medium bodied, finesse in style, with a sweet, black raspberry, red plum and licorice finish. Give this a few more years of age for the structured tannins to better integrate and soften. 91 Points

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2005 Château Rouget  (Pomerol) 89

Plums, flowers and black cherries pair well with this medium bodied Pomerol. Soft in texture with some roundness, this earthy, black cherry and licorice flavored wine is almost ready to drink. 89 Points

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2001 Château Rouget  (Pomerol) 90

Nice wine here, developed and open in the nose, with its black cherry, cocoa, wet earth and licorice character, and on the palate, with its tannins full integrated, leaving you with juicy, fresh, earthy, spicy cherries in the finish. 90 Points

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2000 Château Rouget  (Pomerol) 91

Close to fully mature, with lots of soft, silky plums, cherries and chocolate with truffle accents. 91 Points

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1998 Château Rouget  (Pomerol) 89

Medium-bodied, fully developed, refined, soft, earthy, truffle laden wine with sweet plums, cherries, spice tobacco and earthy notes. This is probably a bit past its prime. So if you are sitting on any, drink up. 89 Points

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1937 Château Rouget  (Pomerol) 70

Sour, tart, acidic and filled with VA, the best part was the dried fruit component, and that was obviously not enough to make this wine worth drinking. 70 Points

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